Selling a service proves to be more tricky than a product. If you offer goods for sale, the public can see and examine the items with their eyes. However, selling a service means you have no tangible object to show. When all you have going is your brand’s reputation and your clients vouching for your exemplary service, you must double-time your marketing efforts to impress your customers. In this scenario, it would help to make videos to show concretely what your company does. Thankfully, you can count on an online video maker to help you create stunning marketing videos that promote your service business. 

Why Use a Video to Sell Your Services

Pictures alone will not work to sell you various services. Still, images cannot accurately portray what you can do for your clients. Even long descriptions can never fully encapsulate the full essence of your company. With the help of a free video maker, you can show your workers in action and create marketing videos with your mobile phone camera. Take your clients on a tour of your shop, create video testimonials, or even craft stylized clips with a drone. 

In this digital world, everyone is glued to their mobile devices. Incorporating videos into your service business matters if you want to beat your competitors. A compelling video can pique your prospects’ interest and increase client conversion rates. With a free video maker, you can do the following for your brand:

  • Assure a boost in website traffic
  • Generate more attention on social media
  • Attract more page views for blogs
  • Entice consumers to make inquiries 
  • Encourage more clients to make appointments

Perks of Utilizing a Video Maker

Even if you’re a small service business, you can afford to make videos. You don’t need extra marketing funds to hire a professional. Due to advancements in technology, you can create cool videos from scratch even if you don’t have any design or technical skills. Thanks to a free video maker, you can consistently create video content to promote your brand on social media, various web pages, or your official site. 

Today’s digital solutions come with a seamless interface, making it very easy for newbies to get the job done. You can leverage the organized dashboard and functional toolbar to quickly make edits or add effects with a click of the mouse. Hence, you can add graphics, clips, animations, fonts, transitions, or even music wherever you want. It’s truly unique because all these come free. Most tools today offer a free version of their video maker. But if you’re going to enjoy more features, you can pay an affordable premium that won’t derail your advertising budget. 

Top 5 Digital Solutions for a Service Brand

With so many video makers online, it can be overwhelming to pick just one. Many of them come with various pricing plans, features, and technical specifications. To help out your service company, take a look at the top 5 video makers in the market today.


As the best free video maker online, you can’t go wrong with It truly lives up to its brand name by helping promote your brand on various platforms. You can create behind-the-scenes clips, how-to slideshows, and testimonial videos. This tool ascertains that you can make any video clip no matter your purpose. 

Best of all, this free video maker assures you can use it with no watermarks of Promo. However, if you want o to include your own brand’s watermark for copyright protection, you can readily do that, too. Best of all, this tool can be used anytime, anywhere as it works for a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. If you need help, contact the 24/7 live chat support. With this editor, you will enjoy these features: 

  • Tons of free video clips
  • Extensive copyright-free music
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Handles multiple video formats
  • Include typography or clipart
  • Add animations, transitions, and effects
  • Put soundbites or voiceover 

2. Camtasia

This online video maker and useful screen recorder will work well for any service-oriented business. You can make videos of your staff in action or make full presentations to showcase clients via direct recording. However, this works only by downloading the software from an online source directly into your PC. Moreover, your computer must meet certain specifications. Though it comes with a free trial, it works for a limited time, so you need to pay fees eventually. 

3. Magisto

If you want to transform video clips or still photos from your phone library into amazing marketing clips, Magisto will help you tell your magical story. Indeed, Magisto gets its brand name by combining these two words. However, note that the basic online video maker is free but comes with the Magisto watermark. To do away with it and enjoy more features, you must pay for the Pro or Business version, which comes with a Vimeo Pro Membership.

4. Flipagram 

If you’re always on-the-go and want to create videos with an app, this free online video maker works well as it allows you to create brief video clips on the fly. You can incorporate your fave song into any video clip. You can use it for the following:

  • Share service clips in your social media
  • Make a slideshow of what you can do
  • Craft quick collages for newsfeed updates
  • Create fun videos for your landing page

5. Animoto

This user-friendly video editor provides a lot of styling features, from music effects to transitions. However, you will feel disappointed because the free version comes with the Animoto company watermark for your final output. It will undoubtedly confuse clients about your branding. Thus, you need to upgrade to the Pro platform to take out the watermark and enjoy its full features. 

Final Word

In conclusion, as a service business, you need to beef up your marketing efforts to show prospects what you can do and increase your sales. Chances are, so many other companies offer the same service as you. Hence, you must ensure that your target market understands the value you offer. Even if you don’t have extra funds, that’s not an excuse. With so many free video makers online, making your video content is a breeze. Remember, you don’t want to lose sales because your clients cannot find you. Show them what you’ve got with stunning videos that grab their attention.