In the field of scientific research, it is always a race against time. Most scientific research requires extensive laboratory time, which can be very difficult because of the need to spend time on documentation and non-lab work. However, with the help of some really handy tools, you can cut down the time that you spend away from the actual research work. Some useful digital tools:



Since research is never conducted in isolation, the first task of all scientific researchers is to find out what other research papers have been published on the subject so that the work they are doing need not be duplicated. While the Internet provides easy access to research papers from all over the world, it can be very frustrating and expensive because many sites will require a payment to be made before you can download the paper. Locating sites that will give you free access to the same research can be quite time-consuming and many times, you may not even be successful in your attempt. With Unpaywall, spending time and money to access research papers is a thing of the past as this free Chrome browser extension has the capability of informing you if the paper you are hunting for is available elsewhere for free. A simple click lets you view and download the paper at your convenience. The facility is completely legal as it accesses papers that have been uploaded by the authors to alternative sites.



Not to be confused with the beautiful country of the same name, Fiji is an image processing package distributed by ImageJ. Available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems it bundles together over 500 plugins and 300 macros that facilitate scientific image analysis. Extremely easy to install and operate, it not only offers comprehensive documentation but also has an automatic update function. Available completely free, Fiji is extremely popular with scientific researchers and is considered to be among the most powerful research tools.



By the time, you complete your research, you would have referred to countless scientific research papers and many of them would need to be referenced into your own research paper. While the task is not only cumbersome, it is also complicated by the fact that different journals have different requirements of the way the referencing has to be done. This makes it impossible for the researcher to do the referencing manually. While there are plenty of reference managers that you can use, you need to pick out ones that let you cite-as-you-write, a feature that is usually available as a plug-in that integrates it with word processors and inserts the references directly in the text. Among the most popular and successful reference managers is Mendeley, which is a free browser-based tool that comes with a desktop client.


As expected, digital technology has also made a deep impact on scientific research as in other aspects of our lives. With the help of digital tools, scientific research paper writing has become far more efficient, cuts down drastically on the time and improves accuracy.