The Control Hub is an audio path specific to various surrounding voice formats. The platform is the one mainly or fully engaged in a replica of the audiovisual dialog. The mouthpieces connecting to the control Hub are mounted in the middle and back of the projection monitor in order to make a center-channel impact of the speech. The center channel is mounted overhead or underneath the display screen in several household sonic devices.

Tips for selecting the finest center channel speaker for your sound system

Use of Speaker

Will you buy the mouthpieces either for indoor purposes or for the outdoor? It will also be special because of the kind of microphones. Selecting the type of full-range means that all the notes are produced by the speakers used externally for the mouthpieces. The created tones, whether low or high pitch, is never lost by using such speakers. However, the voice of these mouthpieces has defects when used indoors. This sounds softer at low pitch. But, if the mouthpieces are used indoors, the low tones are damaged.


You need to purchase locally controlled mouthpieces on the platform for your other receivers. It is essential as the voice is seamlessly transferred from one speaker to the next and because the mouthpieces are acoustically next to yours. Any disparity in the sounds of multiple mouthpieces is heard. We encourage you to buy the control hub from the same supplier from whom you purchased more of your speakers. Micca MB42X-C is a channel speaker that is compatible and has a classic style that is simple to bring into every space or decor.

You might assume that if you bought from the same company, it functions beautifully and faultlessly. This is not always the case and before you settle on a speaker for the center channel you should know about your series of speakers. 


Do not be deceived by the power to appear on the label. Note again more attentively. The magnetic power capacity contains no speakers directly, but many mention it on the label. Search which is directly written on the magnet, because it is the speaker’s original power. The strength of 150 watts is best selected but is written directly on the magnet with a strength of 300 watts. For example, Sony SSCS8 has a Crossover part designed for a direct audio path, with a maximum strength of 145W.

Surface magnet scale and spool amplifier

It is also needed to remember the magnet size of the mouthpiece before buying them. Look at the magnet scale at the backrest. Speakers with big magnets generate a loud, bass, and long-lasting volume. Polk Audio T30 has big tweeters and dispersion drivers that sound through a large region and thus any listener in space experiences a three-dimensional ” boxless” tone. Even though the voice standard of the tiny magnetic speaker is certainly not perfect. Notice the spool speaker as well. Spool large speakers have higher volume and clearer speech.

Speakers Cone

Select a professional cone speaker. Cone good mouthpieces will give the sound of the mouthpiece additional color. For a good cone of speakers made with a select paper will make the voice of the mouthpiece softer. Polk Audio CS10 is one of the finest choices of channel speakers that makes it provide a clear, warm, and realistic volume from above or below your TV screen.