1.Google home smart speaker or amazon echo speaker

Three years ago, Amazon became the very first company in the market to offer a great digital product that incorporated an intelligent voice assistant in a smart home device. Other firms have come up with potentially similar devices,but none has matched what amazon echo speaker has to offer. Google home intelligent speaker is the closest that has come to match the prowess of amazon echo speaker. If you are planning to gift yourself, a relative or someone you care about with a tech device, this is what you need to surprise them with on Christmas. It is made beautiful, simple and easy to use and is extremely useful to the user. The smart speaker can hear you from different rooms. This is made possible by the omni directional microphones that is loaded, the response it gives is instant and give it more naturally. Among the fantastic things this speaker can do for you or for the person you are gifting it with is;

• Summon a taxi for you
• Or read to you the news dailies
• Playing music
• Setting cooking appliances timers

For a fantastic gadget experience, you need to gift yourself this smart amazon echo .You can find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable on  4Prototypes.com

2.Nintendo switch

This is a new gaming gadget in the market. It has achieved massive success for the little time it has been around. According to the stats analysts, Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling gaming gadget in history in the United States. This is the quick reason you should own it, be part of the movement. The device more straightforward yet compelling propositions to the user, you can use it to play games on your television set or even game on the go. You can play as a single player or also enjoy some quality time playing with your friends. The best of it all it can be used both offline and online.

Nintendo switch will significantly change your gaming experience as will show you what to expect on a video-game console and how one should be like. Get the switch and play the video games anywhere you go.

3.Sony’s PS 4

Yes, I have already recommended a video-gaming device in this article, but sony’s ps4 is the most popular gaming console in the world today. The main reason for the popularity is that it can do so many things apart from just gaming. If you are still using CDs and DVDs or you save files on external drives, this is a gadget for you this Christmas. In a more whole phrase, Sony’s PS4 is a media center in its own creation; it is able to stream videos from the internet channels such as Netflix, HBO, PSVue as well as from Hulu. An added feature of this already cooling device is its ability to play songs in your Spotify playlist while you are gaming. This is a cool feature to use if you need to play a game with a sound truck of your choice. Gift someone or even gift yourself a Sony PS4 this Christmas.

4.Google Pixel 2 XL

If you want to gift a mobile android phone this Christmas, why not go for the one that an android manufacturing company has produced? Google pixel 2 XL, is the newest android phone from the technological giant. The phone makes use of artificial intelligence in some unusual ways; it can tell you the music that you have on your background playing as well as improve the quality of your photos. Christmas period is full of moments and the best way of preserving these moments is capturing them and making them look good in your gallery, what other better way of doing so than using Google Pixel 2 XL? The best android phone gift this Christmas is this device.

5.iPhone XS Max

the apple company is now selling phones with various sizes, quality,and functioning capabilities. iPhone XS Max is the best phone from the company at the moment, why not end the year and make someone’s Christmas memorable by gifting them this device? Simplicity, ease of use, power and high levels of performances is what you are guaranteed by iPhone XS Max.

6.Apple’s Airpods

These are the best pieces of earbuds that are in the market right now. Their ease of use is incredible. The white case in which they are carried is fantastic and looks like slick dental floss pack. Immediately you open the bag, the earbuds connect with your phone automatically. Another excellent feature is that they can be paired with other Apple devices such as the MacBook and apple tv.

7.The Barisieur

Are you in love with coffee or tea? Are you tired always to wake up and prepare a cup of it? Then if your answers are yes then gift yourself with this new tech device, it is made up of an alarm clock that concocts a brew of coffee or tea in the morning whenever the alarm goes off. From this Christmas, wake up to the bubbling hot drink that will give a go for the day.

8.Apple Watch Series 4

If your close friend, partner or relative wants to shed weight come the new year, why not gift them with a fitness tracker. An apple watch series 4 is the new fitness tracking device with the capability of displaying messages that you receive on your phone. This is a device that you need if your care for your health and would like to keep monitoring it. Get this device for Christmas for yourself and those close to you.

9.Sony WH-1000XM3

There is no perfect gift on Christmas than a pair of headphones. If you want to get the best headphones as a gift, consider buying Sony made headphones are the best one can have in the market today. Sony WH-1000XM3 offers comfort and cancels the unnecessary noise when in use. Gift one on Christmas day and let them enjoy the beat.

10.Anker Powercore

Power banks took the market by a storm. They can be used when one is out and about to boost a dying phone battery. The anker powercore is the new tech device that has taken the power bank technology to the next level. Fitted with a 3,350mAh battery, the invention is slim and slim in size and can be mounted in the pocket. When connected to the invention, it detects the right voltage the battery is to be charged with; this is important for fast charging. From Christmas, let yourself or your loved ones move around with no worry of having a dead battery. Gift them with this new power bank.