With the world advancing on the technological front massively, no business can survive without having an ideal website. From acquiring business to showcasing one’s work, website builders have become an essential aspect of most people’s lives. Hence, this article shines light on the best free website builders of 2019 that would get the job done for you. The list will start with Wix, and then the rest will follow.


One of the most opted for the website builder is Wix. It is a remarkable website builder who always is placed high in website builders’ lists globally. What’s unique about is that it provides a blank canvas to its users and ultimate option for people who want to control every aspect of a website building. Also today, aside with great Wix promo codes, they are offering numerous plans that would excite everyone requiring it.

Yes, it has some paid premium features, but an individual can use the free plan to start his/her design and build an appropriate website easily. Since most people eventually opt to upgrade from the free plan, no other option is better than Wix for them.


Another good website builder of present times is Weebly. Like Wix, it offers a free plan for all of its users. Some people prefer it due to the subdomain it provides. Moreover, it offers unlimited bandwidth. However, Weebly is less intrusive because it contains ads which scroll alongside a web page.

It is highly recommended for people who are opting for a website for his/her eCommerce business as it includes various fully-featured options that might not be available in the free plans of many website builders.


WordPress.com is a free website builder and not wordpress.org, and this is a mistake which many people make. It offers ample content for free website building projects; however, it inserts advertisements randomly in one’s content. Moreover, there is no control over where an ad will be shown. However, WordPress is known for providing excellent subdomain which is quite essential when building a site using a free website builder.

Moreover, they also offer different plans for anyone interested in removing all ads and use all of their special features. According to one’s needs, a person can choose suitable plans.

Google sites

This is one of the best website builder which is entirely free. They don’t have plans or offer one. However, it is not excellent for small businesses. It is basically a way of connecting various Google services for one collaborative tool. Elements used in building a site using this is different Google products such as Google Forms, Docs, Calendars, etc. It doesn’t offer several templates. It has one template that offers 6 styles.


Last in the list is XPRS which doesn’t have intrusive ads in its free website building aspect. This makes people, at least check them and their services before using other platforms. However, it offers quite a long sub-domain which is unreadable, making it quite confusing for visitors to one’s website. These are the best website builders of 2019 that has a free as well as a paid plan option. If you are looking to build a website then start with Wix as it offers excellent deals on Black Friday. However, if this doesn’t work out for you, definitely check out the rest of the website builders mentioned here.