IGTV is the latest critical update on Instagram, and within the minimum time, it has become the talk of the town. The update can drive your business to the next level, establishing your brand on a dominant note. Experts hold that this update will change the usual approach and orientation in promoting a brand online. Videomaker software enables you to create the most engaging video content for your digital marketing campaigns. You can add more impetus to the drive if you are well aware of IGTV. 

IGTV is Instagram’s captive video hub, focusing on long-length video content. The maximum length of the videos can go in the range of an hour. Potentially, this is a game-changer in content creation, especially the longer videos. This update will empower marketers to present their marketing videos uniquely. The update will drive marketers to create their videos in a manner that they have never done previously. As such, you must acquire a piece of detailed knowledge about this concept so that you can make the most out of it. Here are the key points that are relevant to quote in this context. 

Key takeaways of IGTV:

You will find the ICTV Channel, lying just next to Instagram Stories Highlights on your profile. Alternatively, you can reach this Content from Home screen news feeds. 

1.  You can add titles and descriptions to your videos before uploading the content. Besides, you can add your unique thumbnail to your video content. 

2.  Users can share their IGTV videos with Direct messaging on Instagram. 

3.  Direct linking between IGTV videos and Instagram Stories is possible 

4.  All uploads should come in the vertical format only 

5.  The video length should be between 15 seconds and an hour. 

6.  Insights and analytics are available for IGTV videos. 

IGTV development prioritizes mobile technology facilitating viewers to catch the videos in a vertical format and over the full screen. Most critically, these videos come as well as intuitive. Videos will start playing immediately after a user opens the app. It operates based on curated Content. It fetches your videos from Creators to appreciate the most, and you are already following on Instagram. It ensures that you will always find the most engaging and relevant content that adds real value. It is one of the significant factors that one can account for beyond the rising popularity of IGTV. 

How IGTV powers your brand, carrying your business to the next level? 

It would help if you had no fancy approaches to creating IGTV content. IGTV platform operates with a Low-Fi Focus, reducing the barrier to entering the platform. 

1. Interviews and Questions & Answers build credibility for your brand 

Question & Answers and Interview sessions with industry luminaries and stakeholders in your business process provide excellent value to your target audience. It allows you a hassle-free and straightforward entry to this platform. You can operate without fearing for time limits or slow connections and possible interruptions to your Live videos. 

2. Introductions Videos/Video Greetings enables you to secure the best engagement with your target audience 

A stable Introduction video gives the most impressive introduction to your business and brand. Hence, these contents are viral on social media sites. These videos inform your target audience about your personality, your taste, as well as your activities. More importantly, they can set their expectations for your channel and Content. It is a simple yet effective way to reach the most relevant audience, producing the most impressive engagement. IGTV is all set to make this task easier yet more useful for you. The free Instagram video editor enables you to give a lean and trim appearance to your Instagram Videos. 

3. How to use Tutorials/Product Demonstration/ How To’s Video?

Tutorial, Product demonstration, and How-To Videos are the most effective ways for educating users about using your products and services. You can create a library of these videos that allows your target audience to access these contents, as per their needs. It boosts your credibility and reliability before your users, cementing their relationship with your brand. The IGTV platform has the potential to perform this task in the most impactful manner. Hence, you must make the optimum use of this potential, securing a better engagement with your existing and prospective customers. 

4. Why must you try Recurring Segments? 

 You are likely to share tricks and tips with your audience. Likewise, you are likely to create Content in various formats regularly. As such, you were trying a video of the recurring efforts certainly sounds enticing. It is a genuinely candid idea for giving your blogs a more lucid appearance. IGTV is going to facilitate this effort. Consistent use of this platform entitles you to give your target audience seamlessly flowing Content for several weeks, consolidating their engagement with your brand. 

5. IGTV Exclusive Videos give your audience to follow you on Instagram 

Trying the IGTV exclusive videos surely makes a good idea. You will never use the same Content on any other platform. It offers your followers justified reasons to follow you on Instagram. Research suggests that it is a simple but effective way to move closer to your target audience’s hearts. 

6. Repurposed Content keeps your best Content alive beyond the usual lifetime of 24 hours 

Repurposed Video content and Live streams are one thing that you must try on the IGTV platform. This way, you can utilize your best performing content after some minimal editing, ensuring the best engagement with your target audience. Repurposed Content allows you to enhance the lifetime of the best Content beyond the usual limits of 24 hours. 

7. Utilize Webinars to develop a gigantic resource pool for your followers. 

Are you going live to your audience or creating educational content regularly? If so, you must turn such Content on the IGTV platform. This way, you can offer the optimum value to your audience. Eventually, you reach before the maximum base of the target audience within the minimum time, establishing your brand more credibly. Besides, it is a significant way to create a massive resource pool for your audience to follow.