Beaglebones are single board computers (SBCs) that can be used in a variety of applications. With open-source hardware technology, BeagleBones are small, inexpensive and powerful. 

These SBCs are used by students as a technology learning platform as well as hobbyists and to teach coding and programming to younger children. Professionals use BeagleBones in automation projects across a range of industries as well as for personal domestic use when creating home projects. 

With an ever-expanding digital industry, the skills developed through platforms such as BeaglBone may prove to be invaluable in the near future.  

Whatever your application, if you’re new to BeagleBone these tips will help you get started. 

Use a good power supply 

Many users experience a lack of power to the board when starting it up so be sure to use a robust power supply to prevent these issues. This, in turn, can affect the Wi-Fi if using a dongle so it’s a good idea to make sure this also has a greater power supply.

The BeagleBone Black seems to prefer higher quality dongles so choose wisely, or, select a wireless option to remove the need for a dongle altogether. 

BeagleBone uses the Linux operating system 

This is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and works with the Android platform. The open-source system allows freedom, whatever your use or project, and has the added benefit of reliability and security. 

Choose add-ons for a simpler experience 

You and your BeagleBone can benefit from one of many capes and accessory boards, such as the BeagleBone Comms Cape or Load Cape. These add-ons can manage intricate hardware tasks, leaving you more time for developing projects and advancing your skills. 

Protect your BeagleBone with an enclosure 

Not only will a case make your SBC look neat and tidy, it will protect your new device from being damaged or creating accidental shorts and you can work on the BeagleBone whilst it’s in the enclosure. You’ll also be able to carry it with you using the cover without risk of damage. 

The PRUs do the hard work 

The power in BeagleBones comes from their programmable real-time units which are separate microcontrollers that take instruction from the central processing unit. This allows for real-time control and computer features. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, you might need some time to learn this style of platform. 

Whatever you choose to develop or learn with your BeagleBone, bearing these points in mind will offer you a greater user experience with your new device.