Proxies have become a fundamental part of daily lives, especially for those in business. You have probably heard about proxies and what they are capable of doing. Do you know what rotating proxies are? If yes, then you are in the right place. If you have never heard of rotating proxies, don’t worry; we also have you covered!

Before dissecting rotating proxies, we need to understand the basics; what is a proxy?

Rotating Proxies: What’s A Proxy?

A proxy server is a media between the internet and your device. When you browse the internet using a proxy, your request flows through the proxy, which in turn changes your IP address, before connecting to the web. 

Every device on the internet bears an Internet Protocol (IP) address, thanks to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This address is vital in the effective communication of your computer with different resources on the web. Through your IP address, individual sites, as well as your ISP, can be able to track your online behavior. Yes, that’s right; they can even track your precise location! A proxy server also has its IP address.

When you request a page on the internet, the proxy server will first receive your request, change your real IP address, and process the request on your behalf. This way, your original IP address is not exposed and you can enjoy high anonymity levels. So, what are the different types of proxies?

Proxy Types

There are different proxies available in the market today. Here are some of the most common ones.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies come from residential IPs. What is a residential IP? It an IP assigned to a real homeowner by an ISP. If you have an internet connection installed in your home, then you own a residential IP address. Your IP bears your online behavior, ISP information, and your precise location.

Residential proxy providers sell this kind of IPs as residential proxies. Any connection routed through this proxy, will imitate a real person’s behavior and offer high levels of anonymity. It is prudent to note that a residential is an actual address associated with a particular physical location and ISP.

Data Center Proxies

These are the commonly used proxies. When you see someone using a proxy, the high chances are that they are using a data center proxy. This type of proxies are not affiliated to your ISP or your internet connection – they are independent of both, and their IPs can’t be traced to any ISP. These proxies offer high anonymity levels and IP authentication.

Proxy Rotation

As you all know, an ISP can be able to rotate the IP address. The process is usually a transparent one, and ISPs do that because the number of IPs is fewer than the number of internet users/subscribers. However, in our world today, users rotate IPs and proxies to be able to operate under numerous IP addresses.

A well-configured proxy server will allow you to rotate your IP addresses from a pool of different IP addresses. Rotating proxies will enable you to launch different connections from just a single computer/device. With that made possible, you can carry out data crawling and scrape for your business more efficiently. It is also possible to have a proxy rotator, a software that will do all the rotation work for you.  One of the examples that we found (and it does the job well) is from oxylabs, check it out.

Why Rotating Proxies?

  • Proxy rotation strengthens your security levels. They ensure that you remain anonymous every time you go online
  • Rotating proxies ease data crawling and scraping – it becomes so hard for sites to trace and block your bot. The main challenge when it comes to gathering data is the fear of your scraper being stuck. To overcome such blocks & bans, you only need to use rotating proxies. These proxies will get your bot past different anti-scraping measures, and you can collect data undetected.
  • Rotating proxies assist SEO firms in checking keyword rankings from different regions and also push their content through social media
  • Rotating proxies are also useful in product page intelligence. These proxies can be used to scrape sites automatically for purposes of performance and analytics

If you are looking forward to implementing rotating proxy infrastructure, don’t hesitate to do it; your possibility of being blocked when scraping and crawling data is little to none. Rotating proxies provide high levels of online anonymity. Go ahead and implement a proxy rotation solution for your business and enhance your data scraping and crawling success rates. Rotating proxies will also work hard to protecting your proxy pool.

One of the ways to avoid your scraper from being banned, blocked, or banned is by using rotating proxies. Not all proxies are authentic/good – some proxy providers are not to be trusted! To ensure that you are always safe every time you are collecting data online, use reliable proxies from a trusted provider.