The new year is here and that means one thing – it’s time to start planning some travel adventures.

With that in mind, here are 10 handy hacks to help you have the best time possible.

  • Browse undercover

When you’re looking for flights and accommodation, make sure you turn on private browsing mode. In doing so, you’ll avoid website cookies which can track your visits and elevate the price each time you return.

  • Book activities in advance

Booking in advance ensures that you get to do the activities you want and avoid disappointment when you get to your destination. One of the best platforms for booking travel activities is Trip Advisor – it has loads of reviews, so you can book with confidence.  

  • Pre-book airport parking

Pre-booking your airport parking can save you time (looking for a space) and money (paying a fortune on the day of travel). Rather than booking directly through the airport, it’s worth using an independent parking comparison site like – it has great deals for major airports in Australia, Europe and North America.

  • Lighten your load

Unless you’re travelling to the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to pick up extra clothes, toiletries and gadgets abroad, so pack light and take hand luggage only – it’ll save you a lot of money.

  • Wear your heavier clothing

Wearing heavier clothing items such as jumpers and jeans during your time at the airport will help you to free up some space in your hand luggage so you can master the previous tip.

  • Get a portable power bank

A portable power bank is one of the most important gadgets for the modern traveller because it allows you to keep essential items like your phone powered up when you’re on the move. Just make sure you invest in a quality power bank that provides a lot of power.

  • Save money with Monzo

A Monzo card is a godsend for travellers – it allows you to withdraw cash abroad without having to pay ridiculous withdrawal fees. It’s worth downloading the Monzo app too – it has some top tips on using your card abroad and helps you keep track of your spending. 

  • Connect with locals using apps

Mingling with locals will vastly improve your travel experience. And it couldn’t be easier in the digital age thanks to travel apps which help you find local people who can put you up, meet up with you and offer you advice.

  • Unpack only what you need

Unpacking only what you need can save you a lot of time when it’s time to move to your next destination and it means you’re less likely to leave something behind.

  •  Runaway from jet lag

Exercise has been found to help fight the effects of jet lag. So once you’re settled in your destination, head for a run or a brisk walk.

With these 10 terrific hacks to hand, you’ll be all set for some smooth-sailing and exciting global adventures during 2020 and beyond!

That’s our list! Share your thoughts and hacks in the comments section.