Sick of sitting day after day in that cubicle? 

Pack the lunch, set the alarm struggle through the commute, day after day. Tired of the nine to five grind? It might be time to make a change. 

Believe it or not, there are careers that will give you the opportunity to see the world. There are three avenues to a career that gives you the chance to see the world:

  • A remote location job takes to you a new local for the job. You go to the place and work from there.
  • Have computer and suitcase, go travel. These jobs allow you to travel to locations of your choosing while still working remotely from your trusty laptop. 
  • A location-dependent career means there are unique features of the location needed to actually do the work, think mountains and coral reef. 

If you have the wanderlust to bust out of that desk, one of these jobs that allow you to travel might be for you.

1. Au Pair

Like playing with puppets, reading stories and going to the playground? Want to try living in a different country?

Being an au pair might be the perfect fit. An au pair is nanny from a foreign location. Most au pairs are matched with families through a variety of international agencies. 

The work consists of childcare, light housekeeping, and cooking. Often au pairs take children to their events so being comfortable driving is a plus. 

The advantages include free room and board in the home with the children and often an extra wage. You also get to live and become acclimated to this new local.

Many families even travel with their au pair allowing for additional opportunity to see the world. 

2. Consultant

A paid consultant is someone who has a specific skill and takes their show on the road.

Freelance consultants will go where the work is, allowing them to live and work for periods of time wherever their trade is needed. 

Construction managers, engineers or project managers might go to a specific job site to carry out their work. At the same time, they can live in and experience the city, state or country that holds the work. 

A computer programmer can do freelance work for a variety of companies. They travel to their headquarters or choose where they want to travel and work remotely.

A consultant is basically an employee for themselves. They choose who to work for and where they will work. They have to find their work, sell their trade, but they can live in a variety of locations while doing it.   

3. ESL Teacher

English is the language of the world and all over people will pay to have you teach them how to speak it well. If you are comfortable teaching and have good communication skills, being an ESL teacher might be your thing. 

There are a variety of organizations that place ESL teachers. These include or They work to match the teacher to the student in locations from remote to metropolitan. 

ESL teachers usually need a bachelor’s degree and a specialized certificate. This certificate might be a TESOL, TEFL or a CELTA certificate depending on the particular program.  

4. Flight Attendant

Take to the skies and see the world. The work might be hard, but flight attendants could find themselves in a variety of places over the course of just a few days. Layover stops give the attendant a chance to check out locations far and wide. 

If a flight attendant speaks multiple languages, their opportunity to see more multiplies too. Airlines employ flight attendants on international flights who can communicate with passengers in many languages.

5. International Aid Worker

If you have a desire to do service work and see the world at the same time, being an international aid worker is the perfect fit. 

Some organizations, like the Peace Corps and the Red Cross, place workers in areas where they are needed. You see places you might never get the chance to see otherwise and change the world while doing it. 

6. Restaurant Worker

It would be hard to find a place in the world without a restaurant or person wanting a cold beer.

Choose where you want to travel, get there and work in one of their restaurants, pubs, taverns or eateries. 

Want to not be locked into one location, get yourself hired as a server or bartender aboard a cruise ship. Live and work on the ship and visit ports of call all over the world. 

7. Sports Instructor

 Can you ski? Are you a licensed scuba instructor? Head to the mountain or the ocean and teach others how to do it too. 

While this kind of work requires you to have a skill, it also takes you to places that people flock to on vacations. They bring money and you can be there to sell your craft. 

8. Tour Guide

Prague? Rome? San Paulo? They all have tourists who want to learn about them. If you can speak the language of the tourist and become an expert on the sites, you can live and work in exotic locations all over the world. 

Take a group to see the best views of Paris, while living in the City of Lights too. 

9. Travel Agent

You know the saying, you can’t sell what you don’t know yourself? A travel agent has to be a traveler themselves to sell travel. 

While there were some recent years where the job of a travel agent seemed to be disappearing. The career is making a comeback. People want to hire an expert to plan their vacations.

What better way to become an expert than by doing the traveling too?

10. Writer

As long as a writer has a pen they can write, okay maybe a laptop too. Writers can write while traveling.

Even better a travel writer gets to write about their travels.

They might blog about the places and experience they have. This job allows you to travel and your work is sharing the places you see.  Travel writers can get endorsements and sponsors while sharing their words with those still stuck in that cubicle. 

Jobs That Allow You to Travel and See the World

While having jobs that allow you to travel the world might take some planning or special skill. It is doable. Imagine your office as a Parisian cafe’ or a ski lift at the top of the mountain. 

Start to dream about the places you want to see. Imagine visiting, living and experiencing everything from Portland to Paris to Puerta Rico and getting paid for it too.

Pursue one of the jobs that allow you to pursue your travel dreams.