Pigeon Forge, the perfect blend of serenity and adventure, is a small town of just over 6000 people with more than nine million annual visitors. It is home to natural beauty, thrilling attractions, and unmatched hospitality. Pigeon Forge has much to offer, from entertaining and thrilling rides in Dollywood to adventurous hiking trips in the Great Smoky Mountains and luxurious cabins.

So, whether you are searching for good food, entertainment, or adventure, Pigeon Forge has something for everyone. Let’s explore the top four reasons why Pigeon Forge is the best vacation spot and should be at the top of your travel bucket list. 

1. Amazing Outdoor Activities 

Truth be told, we’re all dying to leave our laptops and virtual life behind, desperate to go out and participate in outdoor activities. Pigeon Forge offers exciting outdoor activities like fishing, biking, hiking, and rafting. Outdoor activities are fun, but when you’re simultaneously surrounded by picturesque and breathtaking views, the experience multiplies into unparalleled memorabilia for the visitor. 

  • Fishing Spots in Pigeon Forge 

You must have a fishing license issued by Tennessee or North Carolina for fishing in Pigeon Forge. Here are the popular fishing localities in the area: 

  • Fly Fishing Spots 
  • Abrams Creek 
  • West Prong of the Little Pigeon River 
  • Dudley Creek 
  • Rafting 

Smokey Mountains are home to adventurous rafting activities for the entire family. Beat the heat in Tennessee waters by opting for a fun-filled day of rafting. Noteworthy rafting areas include Rafting in the Smokies, River Rat, and Wild Water LTD.

  • Outdoor Tubing

Rafting isn’t the only adventure worth trying in Pigeon Forge. You can skip the waves and enjoy a ride down the longest Outdoor Tubing Hill in Tennessee! Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark is home to the fastest Smoky Mountain Tubing Hill, which boasts a length of 500 feet! If you’re visiting during winter, you can even experience snow-tubing with your friends or family. However, you must check if there are any age or height restrictions to avoid inconvenience. 

  • Hiking Spots in Pigeon Forge 

From waterfalls to greenery and even wildlife, Pigeon Forge hiking trails portray an incredible aura and compel you to explore more. 

Dense forests filled with hardwood trees like oak, maple, hickory, and pine surround the hiking trails, but the most-visited and popular trails have well-maintained passages and marks for direction. 

Most hiking trails in Pigeon Forge are home to breathtaking viewpoints and cascading waterfalls. You will also encounter unique flora and wildlife like birds, deer, and squirrels. Keep an eye out for the black bear. 

Remember to wear proper hiking apparel and carry adequate accessories for a safe and comfortable experience. 

  • Biking in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge features paved biking tracks that are perfect for you to enjoy with the family and observe the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Off-road biking options are also available through the forested areas to give you a bit of a challenge. 

Before starting the session, it is essential to look for each trail’s difficulty level and regulations. Remember to follow traffic guidelines and all the road rules established by the Tennessee government for bikers. 

2. Entertaining Rides and Distilleries 

If your next vacation spot is Pigeon Forge, prepare for thrilling family-friendly attractions. There is something for everyone, from unforgettable rides and roller coasters at Dollywood to Pigeon Forge breweries and distilleries. 

  • Dollywood 

Dollywood is a world-class theme park that brings in most Pigeon Forge tourists. It houses the most adventurous and memorable rides and attractions. 

  • Roller Coasters 

The most popular and thrilling roller coasters of the South are in Dollywood. Whether you want to ride a classic wooden coaster at Thunderhead or the steel coaster of Mystery Mine, the twists and turns, and drops will leave you enthralled and never completely satisfied – you’ll want another go! 

  • Thrill Rides 

If the adrenaline from roller coasters isn’t enough, choose the thrill rides like the Wild Eagle at and Drop Line, which offers an unmatchable experience. Remember, these rides are not for the weak-hearted. 

  • Kiddie Rides 

These rides are suitable for young children and toddlers. Look for mini-trains and little roller coasters so the little ones can enjoy thrills suitable for their age. 

  • Breweries and Distilleries 

You can find incredible breweries and distilleries in Pigeon Forge that offer informative yet exciting tours, mouth-watering food, and unique gift options. Popular options to visit include: 

  • Ole Smokey Moonshine “The Barn” 
  • Junction 35 Spirits 
  • Old Forge Distillery 
  • Tennessee Shine Company or TN Shine Co. 
  • Shopping 

Shopping is another popular activity that most Pigeon Forge visitors engage in. You can visit local stores for unique products representing the culture and hospitality of this small town. Additionally, there are brand outlets and convenience stores for those who want to shop for luxury items. 

For instance, The Island is known for luxurious boutiques and expensive shopping articles, while The Pigeon Forge Factory Outlet Mall is ideal for those with a tight budget.  

3. Unmatchable Food 

Just when you think your trip to Pigeon Forge couldn’t get any better comes the unmatchable southern food. The food culture in Pigeon Forge is rustic, authentic, and exciting and leaves you wanting more. Apart from the Southern classics, there are plenty of other options. 

Most people like visiting the Old Mill Restaurant, an iconic eatery since the 1800s. They have all the classic items like corn cakes, fried chicken and catfish, cheese grits, and several vegetarian options. 

4. Rustic and Aesthetic Lodging 

The lodging options in Pigeon Forge range from highly affordable to extremely luxurious, catering to all sorts of travelers. Even if you are not doing anything outdoors, relaxing in your private cabin surrounded by the scenic Smoky Mountains is no less than a treat.

Most of these cabins offer amenities with a fully-equipped kitchen, cable tv, hot tub, separate rooms, and outdoor decks. The mountain views and entertainment options, such as a home theatre, gaming room, and indoor pool, add to all the fun and charm of staying in the mountains.  


Pigeon Forge is one of the most exciting tourist destinations, welcoming tourists throughout the year. It has beautiful views, unmatchable cabin stays, and delectable food options. Additionally, theme parks, thrilling rides, and outdoor adventures make your trip worthwhile. 

The best part is that Pigeon Forge has something for everyone and all age groups. From safe and entertaining rides for little ones to adventures for adults and thrill-seekers along with activities like outdoor tubing that the whole family can enjoy, Pigeon Forge offers unlimited fun for everyone!