The borough of Brooklyn is taking over as one of the hottest areas to live and there are plenty of reasons why.

Aside from being one of the most economical options around New York City, it has enough character, culture, beauty, and excitement to win over anyone’s heart

Check out these 5 reasons why the borough of Brooklyn is the perfect place to visit and why it’s an awesome place to live.

1. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has been a national historic landmark since 1964 but has been a part of the landscape since construction began in 1869.

This impressive connection between Manhatten and Brooklyn boasts having one the first bike paths in New York City and is a popular place to ride or walk for photo opportunities. 

When walking across it, you may notice thousands of locks secured to cables and railing along the bridge. These are known as love locks and are a tradition for couples to secure a lock then throw the key into the water below as a sign of their everlasting and unbreakable love.

2. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is enough in itself to make any foodie fall in love with the borough of Brooklyn. This is the largest weekly outdoor market in the United States.

Between twenty and thirty thousand people come to East River Park on Saturdays from April through October to take in the sights and see what the more than 100 venders have to offer.

There are foods and beverages to satisfy every taste and craving. Beer and wine can be paired with food fare from around the world. This is an incredible way to spend Saturdays no matter what age you are or cuisines you love.

3. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is the perfect local with so many incredible things to offer that even though it is centrally located to get anywhere you want to go, you’ll never really have to leave.

It is home to quaint cafes and is a foodie favorite boasting a great cup of coffee to international cuisine for every palette. It is also an oasis for the nature-loving New Yorker because it is home to beautiful parks, gardens, and trails for endless hours of exploration.

4. Coney Island

Coney Island is reason enough to fall in love with Brooklyn, whether you love roller coasters or you’d rather spend your afternoon at the aquarium. 

This also provides for a romantic and fun Friday night backdrop with fireworks through the summer. 

You can never get bored with the boardwalk and Coney Island attractions close to home.

5. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

If you prefer peaceful afternoons taking time to smell the roses rather than riding the roller coasters, the Borough of Brooklyn has something for you too.

Along with the numerous beautiful parks that are available, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are an incredibly peaceful and serene location to de-stress and unwind from life.

The Borough of Brooklyn: Something For Everyone

The Borough of Brooklyn offers the excitement and convenience of being part of New York City but has many benefits and positive things to fall in love with on its own.

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