After our daily hectic schedule, all we need is a good vacation at a perfect place. Italy is a dream destination for almost everybody in the whole country. It is a country full of culture, good architecture, good cuisine, tons of history etc. It a boot-shaped country full of fun and new adventures. There are so much of art treasure and beautiful towns and landscapes. This place is famous for some of the most iconic sites in the world – the Trevi fountain, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum.  Also, it is with a long Mediterranean coastline, its capital is Rome which is a place for beautiful Artwork and ancient structures. You can see some of the most iconic structures here. It is famous for its amazing cuisine. If you are fond of all the old stories of roman, this place is full of cultures and stories. Italy has done so much, that it will take a lifetime to explore.

A dream place which is rich in beautiful places and amazing cuisine is at the top of the everybody hit list. And one of such places is Italy which is favorite of all. But the question here arises is Italy such a big place, how can we explore it? and to what exact places we need to go? So here we are to help you with a list of 10 beautiful places to go in Italy.


A trip is not complete until you visit its capital, Rome. This place is full of romance, you can enjoy open dining here. This place is very beautiful and adored by most of the people. It is here with 3000 years of history which consists of lots of ruins, art, sculptures, and architecture. The place will bring you back to the Roman empire where everything was so beautiful and romantic. You can see some of the amazing artworks. You can also visit one of the most famous cities in the world that is Vatican City. You can also enjoy some mouthwatering food here too. the hit list of this beautiful place consists of Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel and gawk at the pantheon.


The specialty of this beautiful place is that is built on a lagoon that means there are no roads in this city, this city simply works on canals. These canals basically travel to 118 islands, which makes this place a whole city. Also, this place is famous for its seafood. We all think about places which are different and beautiful at the same time. We all think about money before traveling and hence you can use the flights bookings coupon code on many sites so that you can make your trip worthy and economical.But all we find is a road, traffic, and buildings. But Venice is a place which will be loved by all. This place is actually worth your time and money.


This place is filled with work of Art and architecture. It consists of all the shops which are of very big designers, also they opened their stores here for the very first time. This place is also famous for food and specifically wines. You can really spend days here and then also won’t be able to explore everything, this place is very creative and innovative in its own way. Mainly you can have super fun here in terms of shopping.


We all want to come out of our homes and walk the ramp. This is one of the cities in which this can actually happen. This place is all about fashion, you can move in the city with your best clothes as this city is so beautiful and classy. This is a big city with an elegant lifestyle and full of fashion. It also famous for its amazing cuisine, art, and culture.


This place is the best place to take pictures. Also, there are so many people who are fond of doing fishing with their best mate. So, here is a place in Italy which is just so beautiful and you do fish here. Open place with water all around, your best mate at your site and Italy’s best wine, what else do we want from our life? Also, this place consists of the country’s best hiking trails with beautiful decorated restaurants and hotels. Must hit list at this place would be – cruise through the turquoise waters and visit the Capri island.


Some of us are really fond of very old architecture and sculptures, so this is one of the places that will take you straight to the 79AD. This place is a natural piece of work which took place when Mount Vesuvius wiped roman city of Pompeii. This place was preserved for a very long time but now it is open for visitors. This place is so historical that you can see ashes, destroyed streets and buildings and also the ancient bodies. The hit list for this preserved site is a brothel, forum baths, frescoes at the villa of the mysteries, forum and the garden of the fugitives.


 This place is the largest island in the Mediterranean which is surrounded by water. This place is a home of dramatic landscapes. Some people actually love adventures and hence want to explore different types of natural things that happen in our world. The volcano is one of the most interesting and adventurous things to explore about. and this place might give such experiences. You can ski down or hike up here. The traveling here is full of adventure. Also, you can visit the UNESCO world heritage site valley, mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale.

Italy is a very beautiful place full of adventure and beauty. It Is known as one of the most popular places for tours. If you are thinking of traveling and spending some time with your friends and family. Italy is one the best spots to stop. If it is said that it is a dreamland, then yes, we should also experience it and come here. Should try the amazing food and drinks. It is said that this place is full of fashion and art and yes that is true. There are so many places mentioned above where you can go. If you are visiting Italy, you need to go to all the places mentioned above.