Other than the Dune, there are various things you can see, and numerous activities that you can take part in. Therefore, if you wish to experience such a unique jaunt, then it is advised to go through the following segments – 

Are you wondering where you can take your family, especially your kids, in the upcoming vacations? If you are looking for a fun gateway with your family, you can visit Dubai, and experience an exciting trip. The options for sightseeing will astound you, and it will help you take back numerous memories at home. 

Family day out in Dubai
Family day out in Dubai

Family day out: Top 8 things to do in Dubai – 

There are numerous places in Dubai where you can go and satisfy your wanderlust. However, in the following sections, the sites mentioned are highly recommended for visiting with family. The top 8 things to do in Dubai are stated down below – 

  1. Burj Khalifa –

While talking about the best places to go to Dubai with your family, the first name that could pop in everyone’s mind is Burj Khalifa. Why? Because the tallest building of the World will allow you to get a panoramic view of the entire city.

Burj Khalifa

If you opt for a certain tour, called, “At The Top Sky”, you can get a magnificent view of the city from the 148th floor.

  1. Dubai creek –

If you want to traverse the pristine water body, Dubai Marine, it is recommended to opt for the Dhow Dubai Creek Cruise. You can not only enjoy the surreal ambience of the night sky at Dubai but can also try various sumptuous food from the cruise’s buffet. 

  1. Desert Safari –

One of the most opted activities in Dubai is going for Desert Safari. Why? Because other than experiencing the desert life in the most comfortable way, you can also take part in adventures like sandboarding, camel riding, Dune basing, and whatnot. 

Desert Safari

Besides the adventure, you can also camp at Dune, and enjoy a delicious meal under a sky full of stars. If you seek thrill and want to know more about the adventures in Dune, then you can click here to learn more.

  1. Ferrari World –

One of the most exciting activities that you can try with your family is visiting the Ferrari World. This theme park is not only admired by adults but my kids as well. The Ferrari World is the World’s largest theme park, and it will not fail to surprise you with its facilities.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In that park, you’ll notice that there are 17 Ferrari-rides and various other attraction. Furthermore, this park is not limited to rides, but it also has a large shopping complex and allows you to experience fine dining.

  1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo –

If you visit Dubai, it is recommended to take your family to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Why? Because Dubai has the largest theme park of the World and the host of the largest suspended aquarium. 

This aquarium is situated underneath the Dubai shopping mall and is comprised of 10 million aquariums. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the home of approximately 140 species of aquatic animals; thus, it is also a place where your kids can learn about such living beings and at the same time enjoy themselves.  

  1. Dubai Garden Glow –

Dubai Garden Glow is not a glowing garden, but a park comprised of numerous extraordinary art pieces, crafted by the renowned artists across the globe. This specific park has 3 segments, such as –

  • Art Park
  • Dinosaur Park
  • Ice Park

By the name of the segregated parts of this park, it is comprehensible which place is dedicated to what. It is not an amusement park, but it will surely make you and your family happy, and you can also learn a lot from this park. 

  1. The Dubai Fountain –

As mentioned earlier that the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, is also the largest in the World. If you also want to see the tallest performing fountain in the World, it is advised to visit the Dubai Fountain after sunset. The 900ft tall fountain performs in different Arabic classical and contemporary tunes, making your entire experience heavenly. 

  1. IMG World Of Adventures – 

Lastly, if you have kids or the child inside you is a fan of superheroes and cartoon, your go-to place should be the IMG World of Adventures. This new theme park of Dubai is comprised of attractions, such as – Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Ben 10, and whatnot. If you are lucky, you can see a life-size dinosaur as well.

In conclusion, it can be said that a gateway to Dubai with your family can be very entertaining. There are various places you can go and learn too. If you can follow the above-stated suggestions, there’s a guarantee that your family will not be disappointed.

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