Marseille may be in France but it is a unique place in terms of culture. Being the regional center for entertainment and culture, it has several theatres, opera houses, art galleries, cinemas, museums, and street shows. 

If you want to have a vacation that enriches your experience, Marseille could be a perfect choice. Not just the cultural experience, but this place will also give you a glimpse of its rich history. Marseille in the past has been an important center of commerce and trade. Together with that, it houses beautiful architectural marvels. 

Just a walk around the city makes you feel refreshed. So, if you have decided to get your tickets done, here is a must-visit 5 places:

Notre Dame de la Garde basilica:

Seen from all over the city, this iconic church was built over 21 years over an ancient fort. You can find architecture from Roman-Byzantine here.

Apart from that, restoration drives in different periods have left it with a mosaic of constriction designs. It is the iconic place most visited on the assumption day. Locals consider this chapel to be their protector. So you can imagine its importance to the city.

Vieux port or old port:

Another most popular place is this natural port that has been in use since ancient times. It has turned mostly pedestrian now. However, its charm is still intact. This yacht marina is now house to most stylish restaurants, street shows and an antique pier that runs between the two ends of the port. Spend a whole day at this port. Visit the port for an entire day. This will surely leave a lasting impression.

Château d’If:

Anyone who is a fan of Alexander Dumas is familiar with this landmark. It is the same prison where Count from his novel the Count of Monte Cristo was held captive. Built-in the mid-1500s, this was meant to be a fortress for the coastal defense. 

However, its location was not prone to attacks. It did not witness even a single attack. When it was left unused, it was converted into a prison in the 1800s. It has dungeons, cells and also a dedicated cell of Count.

Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations:

Marseilles is the epicenter of culture. This museum does justice to this image. An ultra-modern cubical building, it has porous walls that allow the sunlight to peep in. It was built in 2013. It exhibits both permanent and rotating displays related to the European and Mediterranean civilizations.

Parc Borely:

It has a beautiful park to relax in. It houses gardens of different styles, museums, lakes, and sculptures. It has fun rides for kids as well. It is the perfect place to finish your vacation in a relaxed mood.

Marseille is a calm and peaceful place. People are friendly. The city services are amazing. If you are wondering where to stay Marseille, then know that it is home to the best hotels in the world.