You woke up on Sunday morning after what had been an enjoyable night with your partner in your favourite restaurant. That was until she brought up in conversation her best friends’ recent holiday. There isn’t a bad bone in your body, and you’re delighted to hear happy stories, but you knew this was going only one way.

Your good lady did have a point. You hadn’t been away for some time, and she had made sacrifices during the pandemic. There was only one thing for it, to save yourself from adopting selective hearing and to show how much you loved her. You rang her friends’ husband for details to set about going to stay at La Veranda Resort Phú Quốc, a boutique hotel in Phu Quoc Vietnam. You must admit it looked amazing and you could wait to get there once you had made the booking.

  • The destination of Phú Quốc is utterly stunning, as was confirmed when you met your assistant for a drink. He said it was like paradise, with its 150km of beaches to enjoy. What appealed to you was its relaxing nature, as you both needed some quality time without any real exertion. Just having a gentle stroll on the white sands and the beautiful clear ocean would be enough to be getting on with.
  • You want to pamper your woman, and you are guaranteed that you’ll be in the good books as soon as you arrive at the resort. Having a balcony with large open terrace and French windows, it sounds like a real life dream. You have chosen a large room that has satellite TV, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth docking speakers, along with a classy bathroom to take your time feeling good about yourselves. It might make you contemplate how to find a local retirement village for sale as you look for a less stressful career while in a calm mood.
  • Being calm and unstressed is a given when you arrive and are greeted by smiling happy people which will immediately put you in happy moods. Knowing that the location is not a victim of mass tourism will add to the feeling of relaxation as there are no dangers of feeling overcrowded.
  • Arriving by plane at Phú Quốc will save a good deal of hassle with it being served by a multitude of flights from Vietnam’s major cities. You have also saved money by taking advantage of some of the promotions on the website. As for trying the local cuisine in one of the resorts restaurants, well you simply can’t wait.
  • The amazing UNESCO biosphere reserve will allow for you to go and explore the beauties of a national park, while the UNESCO marine reserve offers the opportunity to head out on a boat trip and take in the full beauty of the area.

Your luxury boutique hotel in Phú Quốc will out you in the good books as you and your good lady enjoy the opulent facilities and breathtaking scenery relaxing and enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.