Have you heard about the dangerous events in South America? If so, you may consider postponing your travel plans.

You definitely don’t want to get mixed up in a drug cartel or a revolution.

But if you’ve been daydreaming of sandy beaches and a tropical climate. So don’t let travel fear keep you from your dreams. Here are the safest countries in South America.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are one of the safest places in South America, but so is Ecuador as a whole. Ecuador relies on tourism and the tourist industry. The government has put forth extra resources to ensure the safety for travelers. There are even special police enlisted specifically to keep tourists safe.

The islands themselves are strictly controlled and regulated. This protects this treasured historical and natural site. This makes the islands even safer.

If you plan to travel to Ecuador, avoid the borders, especially the Colombian border. None of the tap water is safe to drink, and food poisoning is the most common issue tourists experience. Plan ahead accordingly.

Costa Rica

Even though security is still developing, it’s still a relatively safe country. Tourism makes up a good part of the country’s GDP, so it’s in the government’s best interest to keep tourists safe.

The most common crime tourists experience is petty theft and pickpocketing. So keep an extra eye on your wallet and bags, especially on public transport. Don’t scrimp on lodging either, especially if you’re staying in San Jose. It’s important to stay in a good hostel or hotel while you travel.


While pickpockets and street scams can be common, Chile is just like any other nation when it comes to crime. Most areas are completely safe, and many travelers return home without any incidents.

When traveling in Chile, keep your wits about you, and keep an eye on your belongings. Avoid days when demonstrations are likely to take place (September 11, or May 1). Protests can often turn violent.


Argentina is pretty much like Chile when it comes to terms of safety. They’re safe unless you go looking for trouble. Again, it’s important to keep an eye out for pickpockets and scam artists. Many of these scammers work in groups to distract you.


The biggest threat in Peru is, once again, pickpockets. Never keep all your money in the same place, and stay vigilant. But for many, the beautiful vistas and ruins are worth the risks.

Visit the Safest Countries in South America

Even though parts of South America are in turmoil, not all of them are. You can still have an amazing, safe, tropical vacation. Make sure to visit any of these safest countries in South America.

Whenever you leave your home country, always do thorough research. Make sure you know the safe areas and customs of your destination.

Don’t forget about travel insurance? You can find everything you need to know here.