Travelling doesn’t have a single definition. Not every person travels the same way. Some travelers love to spend their vacation in isolation or be there outdoors. And then there’s another group of travelers, who like to take part in various sports activities as they travel. It is the reason why sports tourism is becoming a widespread phenomenon. Are you a sports enthusiast? And do you also love to go to different lands? If yes, then you can add in these three popular destinations to your travel bucket list.

1.Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


It’s a paradise for travelers who love to explore outdoors. Brazil provides a wide selection of sports and outdoor activities. From horse riding, hang-gliding, mountain biking, canoeing, mountain climbing, sailing, kite surfing to scuba diving, Brazil offers it all to you. Brazil has been trying to establish itself as a favorite sports destination globally. And the famous sports here include windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing.

Based on the weather conditions, you can explore multiple aquatic sports that the region has to offer. Brazil has hosted famous sports events in the past. The names include the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, FIFA World Cup in 2014 and also the Olympic Games in 2016.

2.Saratoga Springs, New York, USA


Some travelers also love horse racing and anything to do with horses. For them, the best travel destination is the scenic Saratoga city.  The best place for horse lovers is the Saratoga Race Course. This site gets ranked amongst the oldest horse racetracks located in the United States. In fact, this racing course is an old sporting venue in the entire country. Horse racing isn’t the only sports that take place here. The race track which dates back 150 years, also provides fascinating walking tours and breakfast.

There are other sites to explore nearby. At a distance of 2km from the Saratoga Racetrack, there’s The Inn. It welcomes you to a quaint restaurant, aesthetically decorated rooms along with complimentary bikes to explore the place. However, before you visit the Saratoga Racetrack, you can browse and check our online sites like TVG and the others, to gather some information about horse racing.



Morocco gets counted as a destination for exotic travels. But not many people know that it is also known as a famous sports tourist destination as well. Morocco welcomes its globetrotters and sports lovers with fascinating trekking scopes. Other sports that you can take part here comprise fishing, tennis, skiing, golf and many more. The national game of the country is football. That aside, travelers have the chance to get engaged in beachside games. Else they can also watch the local cup league and matches as well.

Want to up your adventure barometer? If yes, you can go biking in High Atlas Mountain. But make sure you are a seasoned biker. It isn’t for amateur bikers. Are you a water sports enthusiast? Morocco has plenty of river rafting, diving, sailing, kayaking, yachting, windsurfing and swimming opportunities.

Sports and traveling today go hand in hand! Travelers and globetrotters love adventure activities on their vacations. For this many count on their choicest sports. If you resonate with this, you can choose from any of the three popular sports tourist destinations and add to your travel list this year.