Montego Bay in Jamaica has everything required for a fun tropical vacation. It is a popular hub for value-seeking travelers and is a cruise ship port as well. There are ancient plantations, lavish countryside, sun-soaked beaches, and tropical gardens along with jungle peaks that provide a serene escape from the city chaos. 

There are abundant accommodation options. There are all-inclusive hotels as well as the grand resorts that are on the vast sand patches. Here you will find ample guest rooms as compared to any other regions in Jamaica. You read more about adventures in Jamaica and decide on the places to visit here. Some of the best picks include:

1. Martha Brae River Rafting

Rafting in this river is one of the romantic and serene things you can do in Montego Bay! It’s also a calm way to absorb the lavish greenery of the Jamaican countryside. The tour includes drifting for five kilometers from the jungle-surrounded river on the bamboo rafts, poled by the local guides. On the way, you get to know more about the region’s flora and fauna. There are a few guides that make you listen to reggae songs. 

The trip usually starts from the Martha Brae Rafting Village, located at a distance of 32 kilometers from Montego Bay. The amenities comprise swimming pools, picnic grounds, a lounge space, souvenir shops, restrooms, and a medicinal garden. If you want, you can get your swimsuit with you if you wish to take a dip before the rafting adventure starts. You can also opt-in for river tubing to explore the jungle rivers. From Montego Bay, these tours occur on the Great River and allow you to experience a few rapids. 

2. Rose Hall Great House

The Rose Hall Great House is a famous restored plantation residence that got built-in 1770. It overlooks the ocean and is at a distance of 20 minutes from Montego Bay. Based on the legend, Annie Palmer had ruled this place with cruelty and had magical powers, which made her write a sad fate for her husband. Currently, this home gets furnished with period furniture and accessories. You can opt-in for a guided tour of the house and take a step back in time and relive the past moments. Are you searching for something exciting? If yes, the candle night tour is one of the best things to do in Montego Bay. 

3. Doctor’s Cave Beach

At this beach and Bathing Club, the border of the white sand, the clam, and clear waters that some people believe get fed by the mineral springs. In the early 1920s, a famous British osteopath declared that these waters carry therapeutic powers after swimming here. This claim had helped to shape Montego Bay’s future by drawing in visitors from across the globe. There are many hotels close to the beach, and this region is a popular tourist hub. 

Today, this beach is famous and gets occupied by the cruise ship passengers, irrespective of the admission charge. It is also a prominent place for snorkeling. The amenities comprise the restaurants, change rooms, and gift shops. Here you also have the option to rent beach equipment. If you want a secluded place for your beach experience, you can opt-in for Cornwall Beach, which is located next door and is known for the white sands, blue sea, and ample scopes for snorkeling. 

4. Croydon Plantation

Comfortably nestled in the foothills of Catadupa Mountains, the Croydon Plantation spans across 132 acres. It is a working farm that has scenic views of the encompassing countryside. The principal crops of this plantation are citrus, plantains, pineapples, and coffee. The plantation also produces honey. You can opt-in for a tour here, and on the way, you can learn about various crops. That is not all. You can sample the produce and sip drinks that get made from fresh fruit of the plantation. You can do this as you stroll around in the scenic grounds. Once you have completed your tour, you can enjoy the best barbecue lunch and taste the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

5. Gloucester Avenue

Gloucester Avenue is also known as the “Hip Strip” and is a famous street close to Doctor’s Cave Beach. It is replete with entertainment venues, cafes, and shops. Here you can also find the cruise ship passengers. It is a prominent place in Montego Bay for people to go shopping. If you want to get your souvenirs, this is the best place. If you’re going to shop here, you will find some of the persistent vendors here. Here you will find a vibrant display of T-shirt shops and knickknacks as well. There are also cafes and art galleries that add to this street. If you want to witness the Jamaican nightlife, this is an excellent place to be. 

These are some of the best places to explore in the Montego Bay region. You can research each site and decide to explore the same on your visit to Jamaica.