Gozo is the second biggest of the Maltese archipelagos but it is relatively small. It occupies about 67km2. The island is slowly gaining popularity as one of the go-to vacation destinations and I agree with this view because the beauty of the island is something you cannot get used to.

From the onset, you board a flight to Malta where you will then board a berry that will take you to Gozo. Most people prefer staying in Gozo than Malta due to the calmness you experience in there. They have similar architectural structures but Malta’s streets are busier as compared to Gozo.

Tourist attractions

One of the things that will capture your attention is the beautiful blue waters that the ferry will float on. These blue waters are one of the most famous attractions in Gozo. In addition to the already breathtaking blue and clear waters that will offer you as the diver or swimmer something to remember. These waters also provide a chance to go snorkeling and deep sea diving.

The sandy beaches which are almost deserted due to the lesser population of approximately 37,000 inhabitants also provide for a wide area to take long walks across the beach or lie on the sand and let the sun give you a natural tan.

The sunrise and sunsets are also something to look forward to as the island has a 3600 coastline view of the ocean. When the sun reflects on the water, the view is spectacular therefore you will have the view of the blue

Aside from being surrounded by blue waters of the ocean, it has an inland sea. It is always calm even when there is a storm in the ocean. This calmness allows for an individual to go deep sea diving and to use paddle boats on the sea.

The blue lagoon, a natural lagoon, is a small bay with shallow, azure-colored water that provides for one of the most spectacular sights on the island. The waters here are enjoyable and safe to swim in but be sure NOT to dive from the high rocks. Don’t get a disability trying to impress people.

Gozo’s capital city, Victoria, is one of the urban cities on the island. Here you find the Citadel which is the central point off the island and as you stand on its walls, you have that 3600 view of the whole island. It was constructed on top of one of the hills in Gozo and the historical background is one you need to hear when you visit the island.

Still, on the vein of the history of Gozo, most of its inhabitants come from continents such as Asia. They migrated to the island mostly during the colonial period. Due to this, there are a variety of cultures on the island and it shows through their food, fashion,and artwork. The most predominant cultural influence, however, comes from Italy.

Away from the life in the urban areas, the countryside also has much to offer from the resorts and the farmhouse and more of the view of the Ocean. Life here is much quieter where you get in touch with nature and get to enjoy life in the shoes of the locals. You also get to enjoy the serenity that comes with staying in the countryside from the long nature walks to the animals on a farm and so on and so forth.

The architectural structures on the island are some of the unique ones you will set your eyes on. Mostly the churches and the shrines; some of these churches have a magnificent collection of artwork finding that the inside is more beautiful than the outside.

Aside from the beautiful churches and shrines, there is also the where the azure window also known as the Dwejra lay. Unfortunately, in 2017, this magnificent natural tower of rocks collapsed. It was 28 meters tall but will never be forgotten for the beautiful view it provided. It was one of the island’s major tourist attractions due to the arch is formed together with other natural features in the area.

Final words

The island of Gozo is breathtaking. Considering the scenic views it has to offer and the richness of history, no wonder it is a top vacation destination. As long as you plan your activities in Gozo well, your stay will be one you will never forget so get a booking and enjoy your vacation on the island.