Nearly 90% of travelers consider the food experience important to a travel destination.

If you’re a foodie, you’re always on the hunt for the best food in Europe.

However, with so many wonderful culinary traditions in European cities, sometimes it feels impossible to choose where to go.

That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top 9 cities that every foodie needs to visit this year. Let’s go!

1. Berlin, Germany

You may not associate the German capital with the best food in Europe, but things have shifted in this ever-changing urban sprawl.

You can still enjoy some Berliner classics. The salty and soft pretzel on the go (ask for it with butter).

Many Americans are delighted and confused by the Berliner “Spaeti” (small kiosk)  culture of drinking bottles of beer on the side of the streets and in the local parks. In this beer is cheaper than water.

You can also still find the Berliner currywurst (curry sausage) served with curry powder and ketchup on nearly every street corner.

However, Berlin’s Turkish community have also made the capital home to Northern Europe’s best doner kebab. 

However, Berlin has also become a hotbed of fine dining restaurants too. You can find multiple Michelin star restaurants in the city too. 

2. Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a must-see destination for foodies. This city is changing all the time, so you can’t keep coming back to discover the latest foodie spots. 

Do you like fish? Sardines freshly caught are a specialty in these parts. They’re usually served with potatoes and bell peppers.

Afterward, you can wash down your delicious meal with a glass of Portuguese wine (especially underrated). 

Ready for something sweet? The local dessert is the cheap treat Pastel de nata, which is a kind of custard tart in pastry. 

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

If you’re a vegan foodie looking for a city which you can actually explore the cuisine, then the Dutch capital is the place for you.

As well as being on the greenest cities in the world, the Dam has the most vegan and vegetarian eateries per person on the continent.

You have to discover the classic vegan Dutch Weedburger, which is made from seaweed, not marijuana as you may think). 

If the plant-based lifestyle isn’t your dig, then there’s plenty for you too. You should definitely check out the cured herring, which can be found at one of the food markets.

Remember to relive the Pulp Fiction moment when Vincent tells Jules what they put on French Fries in Holland. Yes, Mayonaise! 

Finish it off with what is surely one of the best desserts in the world, the stroopwafel. You’ll never look back!

4. Manchester, England

The so-called ‘capital of the North’ is a diamond in the rough.

Among foodies, the city has always had a poor reputation. Nowhere in the city holds a Michelin star.

However, the city has embraced its edgy-ness recently.

This ease with itself has allowed numerous restaurants with trendy and innovative menus to break out from the shadow of the London’s glamorous food scene. 

Once you make your way through some of these, you should also check out the thriving curry houses. This is not just spice for the sake of spice, they have flavor too. 

5. San Sebastian, Spain

For many people, the Basque city is the Foodie capital of Europe. 

The city is famous for the most Michelin star restaurants per square meter of the city in Europe. You can find some of the finest cuisine going. 

However, if you’re on a budget, you can still eat well in this city.

Whatever you do, don’t suggest that the charming pintxos bars sell tapas. This is the proud Basque country, they don’t do tapas in these parts.

Instead, you enjoy everything from pimientos di padron (fried green peppers) and the celebrated veal cheeks. 

But, you need to experience it yourself to explore how every pintxos bar has a different specialty. 

6. Venice, Italy

Venice is the “floating city” in Italy. The beauty of the city is only beaten by the deliciousness of the cuisine. 

It’s not just pasta and pizza here.

If you’re there for Christmas time, then you should definitely try the Pandoro. 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then check out the best desert the Venetians have to offer, Tiramisu. It doesn’t come better than here!

However, you can’t truly explore Venice without the help of a guide. You can learn more about tours here.  

7. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is better known for its great writers (namely James Joyce and Oscar Wilde). However, this city loves its grub too!

Some consider the Dublin Bay prawns to be the best the world can offer. You should definitely try them accompanied with a serving of chips (or French Fries).

Don’t forget to take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse to discover the story behind on the world’s celebrated drinks. You can decide for yourself – does it taste better in Ireland?

8. Vienna, Austria

Your first stop in your foodie tour of the ‘city of music’ is the Naschmarkt. You can get any international food you like here.

After you’ve had your fill of food from around the world – head to one of the many coffee houses dotted around the city’s streets.

Here you should order a Sacher Torte (chocolate tart) and Wiener Melange (The Viennese have their own style of coffee). 

9. Bruges, Belgium

Skip the capital Brussels, and head straight for Bruges. This beautiful city boasts some wonderful Flemish architecture and great food to go with it.

Top things on your foodie to-do list in Bruges is the world-renowned Belgian beer and chocolate. Feast on chocolate to your heart’s desire and wash it down with some Leffe.

Best Food in Europe

Follow this list of the best food in Europe and you’ll fill your belly while you travel around Europe on your foodie tour.

You can enjoy delicious food in Europe everywhere from the fancy restaurants to street food vendors. 

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