You go on a summer day to take pictures and the rain starts to fall, so you think, “everything is gone”. Misleading you, my friend, do you know why? You can take amazing photos in the rain. And we say even more: without damaging your equipment!

Do you wonder how this is possible? Of course with rain photography technique! So stay with us reading this and stop curiosity about how to take photos in the rain!

1.Have protection for your equipment

The first recommendation is that your equipment has a raincoat if you decide to take a photo on a rainy day, or you prevent yourself from rain. There are various models of camera covers, with space for lenses and hands, to allow the use and protection of your equipment. Give one for you too, after all, you don’t need to be wet and only store rain gear.

You can use a plastic bag if you haven’t bought your protective cover, or forget to buy it at home. Just make a hole in the plastic to get the lens.

2.Find a closed location

You don’t have to be wet to take pictures in the rain. There is the possibility to take pictures from a closed place, through windows, sights, people and scenery on rainy days. In this way the photographer will be safe from wet his camera and still get amazing results that can cause photographic rain.

3.Have an umbrella

The camera must not be wet, even if your intention is to capture the moment in the rain. So having an umbrella to protect your camera from droplets is very necessary – of course we are talking about weaker rain, not a storm where droplets come wet from all sides.

In addition, you can use it as part of your scenario. Use the attachment to arrange the frame and emphasize the rain that occurs on the day of your photo shoot. Another way to use an umbrella is to reduce the excessive clarity that can be caused by clouds and have better lighting.

4.Photos of cars

If you want to take pictures in the rain and at the same time want to get away from him, do it in the car. In some cases, this is the best solution – if not the only one for now. You can also download the car window and take pictures if the wind is facing the window. So you can continue to dry and take pictures.

Besides not wet your equipment, would you like some tips on how to take advantage of this moment to take amazing photos? Then see:

  • observe people, there are various feelings related to rain that can be caught;
  • illuminating water falling from the sky, because light becomes more intense when seen behind water droplets;
  • be careful with reflexes, because some shims are brighter, reflect silhouettes, which can be good or bad, depending on your goals.

By following these tips, you will take pictures in the rain without the risk of damaging your equipment and still get amazing results and technical quality that is worthy of imitation! Enjoy the summer rain and do a lot of testing!