Comic books used to only be read by “nerds” and “geeks.”

No more. Comic books are actually the fastest-growing category in the publishing industry.

Whether you have been inspired by the Marvel Comic book movie franchise, or you came across your parent’s tatty, old comic books from yesteryear.

There are numerous reasons everyone should read comic books. You’re about to discover the weird and wonderful world of comic book reading.

Check out why you should pick up a comic book next time you go to the store. Let’s get started!

1. Inspire You With a Joy for Reading

You may have been scared by your experience of reading literature at school.

“Please, no more Shakespeare!”

This is a common story. But, reading can be an absolutely amazing experience that can’t compare with watching Netflix or going to the movies.

Your brain is a muscle, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Reading is an excellent way to exercise your brain functions. If you’re getting older, then reading could fight off mental decline by more than 30%.

Reading has also been connected with improved memory, better mental health, and simply making you smarter.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what you read. Just reading comic books is enough to enjoy the numerous benefits of reading.

2. Away From Screen Time

Many people spend most of the day looking at screens at work. The average American spends more than 40% of waking hours looking at screens. 

They look at their smartphones on the commute to and from work. When they get home they immediately turn on the television.

If this sounds like your average day, you need to find ways to spend your free time away from the screen. Screen time has been linked with poor general health.

Sure, you can get comic books on smartphone and tablet devices nowadays. But, you can’t beat the old way of flicking through the pages. 

You can discover more about the process of printing a comic book here.

3. Use Your Imagination to Think Differently

When you watch a movie, you’re pretty passive. “Just sit back and relax”, they say!

However, the experience of reading a comic book is totally different. You’re actively involved with your imagination and engagement in the story.

There are words that jump off the page. You’re overwhelmed by the imagery and color. You can also develop your spatial awareness of the comic book as the story unfolds.

Whenever anyway tells you that reading a comic book is merely “looking at pictures”, you can tell them where to get off.

4. Comic Book Stories Are Socially Relevant

Many people simply think that comic book stories are child’s play. They’re about good guys fighting bad guys and coming out on top.

Sure, that’s a big feature. But, there’s a social relevance to comic book stories. Comic books are constantly changing with new themes to reflect societal issues and concerns.

Take Daredevil comics, for instance. The narrative handles subjects that are much deeper, touching on legal justice, disabilities, and personal moral struggles, all set within the gritty and often harsh environment of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. 

During World War Two, comic books served as propaganda to bring people together to fight fascism and the enemy.

The 1950s saw comic books tackle the Cold War and the scientific development, think about Captain America.

While the 1960s saw social tension whereby the civil rights movement, the challenges of the mutant X-Men.

As the 1970s saw women break out of the home, comic books started to promote female superheroes with Wonder Woman.

Today’s the same with characters and themes about climate change and social upheaval taking center stage.

5. You’ll Know More About the Movies

Over half of Americans have seen one or more Marvel movies. That’s certainly become mainstream!

When you are debating with your friends after the movie about the meaning behind the character’s actions and the plot, you’ll know more than anyone else.

Even though the movies don’t follow the comic books strictly. They’re often a mashup of various comic book tales together.

If you have widely read the comic books behind the movies, you’ll have more knowledge than anyone else.

You’ll be able to impress your buddies with facts and untold storylines that informed the making of the movies.

6. Comic Books Are Escapism at Its Best

Of course, the comic books play with themes in society. But, they also represent some old-fashioned values.

Do you want to support the hero against the villain? Are you eager to see your heroes do the honorable thing?

You don’t always want to read about what goes on in the “real world.” That can be boring and depressing.

If you want to escape your daily life, then comic books provide you with an avenue into another dream world.

7. The Artwork Is Incredible

Recent surveys have discovered the young Americans don’t know much about art. However, there are so many different kinds of art nowadays.

Comic books are packed with art.

Yes, it’s art. Don’t let anyone tell you that cartoonists are picture drawers. They’re artists up there with Picasso and Michelangelo.

That may be pushing it. But, at the very least, the artwork in many comic books helps you delve into the world of superheroes and awful villains.

A picture definitely says a thousand words when it comes to comic books. Sometimes, you don’t need any words to express the most subtle feelings and emotions.

Why Read Comic Books?

There are so many amazing reasons to pick up a comic book and start reading. Once you start, you’ll know the joys of reading comic books.

Do you want to discover more about why you should read comic books? Check out the rest of our website for much more!