The pandemic has resulted in mass job slashes around the world. Most of the sectors have resulted in delivering pink slips. With the unemployment crossing more than 45% globally, job stress is a very common phenomenon.

Job stress can lead to severe mental and physical health issues. Under this scenario, it is always best to have some stress buster during this pandemic.

This article will share the reasons why you must not take stress about the job during the pandemic. Moreover, stick with us to unlock the 7 proven tips that can assure you the best ways to cope up with job stress.

5 Dangerous Reasons Why you Must Quit Job Stress

i. Pecking on your health:

You don’t want to increase your medical expenses during joblessness. That could be the last nail in your coffin, like literally! Taking too much stress might lead to increased bodily activities. This way, you might risk your health to a larger extent.

ii. Loss of alertness:

When we get stressed about a certain issue, we tend to focus too much on it. As a result, the other important aspects of our life are parked in the hangar. This might lead to some bigger issues in the later parts of life. Thus, it is important to not completely focus on job stress, rather shift it to other areas.

iii. Irritability:

Increasing the stress due to the job will not land you in an interview. Instead, it is always the reverse. More the stress more is irritability which can result in missing out on the details like new opportunities, networking skills, ups-killing yourself. Thus, instead of focusing on the stress, it is important you focus on the ways to improve your skills.

iv: Doubting yourself:

Often, the stress of job can lead to self-doubt. You might end up wondering if you are really apt for your job or is it that you need ups-killing. It might also push you at the edge of your mind, which can be very harmful to your mental health.

v. Reduction in personal branding:

Personal branding is the most important thing during COVID19. If there is any dent in the personal branding it might lead to getting difficult searching for jobs. Over social media platforms, an increase of posts for job-seeking has been observed. This can lead to hampering the personal branding, often as the frequency of posts might not turn up to be too well for your social image.

Effective Ways to Say ‘NO’ to Job Stress:

Job stress should be kicked out of the balcony during COVID19. If you are more busy thinking about the stress, how will you be able to enjoy the time with your family?

It is important to understand the reason for job stress. It can either be huge expectations from your boss or falling sales or too much work.

A complaint faced by most of the IT workers is that work and home have got intertwined with each other. This has been a major cause of stress due to the job.

Let us consider the situation of medical practitioners across the world. They have been put to a real test.

So, what could be the solution to defeating this stress?

1. Fixing a routine:

When the situation of life demands rigor, the health of the person has to be sound. You must not play with your health and a perfect routine can help you to develop proper living.

2. Read a book:

Starting with reading during stressful times have proven to be beneficial. Books like Option B by Sheryl Sandberg have been the best healer in times of stress. Reading books give you an approach to deal with stress and are ideally the best source to gain inspiration.

3. Take a break:

During COVID19, you cannot really visit places for a break. But, what you can do is watch a good movie with family or take a day off at work to play indoor games. Indoor games have always been beneficial to build family bonds.

4. Unhook your thoughts:

It is important to be compassionate and kind to yourself during these testing times. You cannot expect perfection at this point and you must forgive yourself for the same. Unhook your mind from the unkind thoughts and give them a rest.

5. Yoga is the way to go:

Practice yoga and meditation twice a day before the diet. It can help in addressing the issues of blood circulation, thus helps in reducing the stress.

6. Make a database of openings:

This might sound a bit negative, but it is always best to prepare for the worst. Staying aware of the job and workforce requirements will help you feel secure during this pandemic.

7. Talk about it:

Find a close confidant and talk about your problems. It is always better to find an ear to listen to your problems too. It helps you relax!