Do you spend your days staring at a computer screen or digital device? If so, you may be suffering from digital eye strain. The Vision Council reports that 59 percent of computer users experience this type of strain regularly. Fortunately, there are ways to combat computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Try these tips today to see how they benefit you.


Harsh interior lighting and extremely bright light outdoors contribute to eye strain. Ambient lighting needs to be half as bright as lighting found in most offices when computers are regularly used. Block exterior light with the help of blinds, shades, and drapes, and cut back on interior lighting by using fewer lights or reducing the intensity of the current lights. Now is the time to get more details on lighting changes you can make today with great results.

Get Regular Eye Checkups

Men and women need to have a comprehensive eye exam each year to catch any problems early. Talk with the doctor about any problems you are experiencing and how frequently you use computers and digital devices. One thing to talk with the doctor about is how far you sit from the screen of these devices so the doctor can test the eyes at that distance.

Reduce Glare

Glare from walls and surrounding surfaces add to computer eye strain. Look into purchasing an anti-glare screen for your device and paint the walls with a dark color in a matte finish. Glasses may also be purchased with an anti-reflective coating, and individuals who regularly use eyeglasses need to consider this option.

Adjust the Computer Display

Minimize eye strain and fatigue by making adjustments to the computer display settings. The brightness of the screen should be close to the brightness of the surrounding work area. Adjust the text size to meet your needs, and use a white background with black text to allow the eyes to remain comfortable while reading.

Take Breaks

Don’t sit at a computer working for hours on end with no breaks. Not only will this benefit your eyes, but it’s also better for your overall health as well. Aim to take one ten-minute break every hour you sit at the computer. Get up and walk around, focusing on objects at various distances to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Blink Regularly

Make certain you blink regularly when using a computer, as this moistens the eyes so they don’t become dry and irritated. Staring at a computer screen reduces the natural blink rate and leads to problems. Artificial tears may also be of help for those who frequently experience symptoms of dry eyes.

Computer Glasses

Talk to your eye doctor about computer glasses and whether you need them at this time. The doctor can prescribe customized glasses to help you as you work at a computer, and individuals who wear contacts often find they benefit from investing in this eyewear. Additionally, individuals who wear bifocals or progressive lenses find their eyes feel more comfortable when they wear glasses designed specifically for computer use. The doctor can make recommendations that apply to your specific situation so don’t hesitate to ask.

Computers make life easier for individuals, but they can also lead to problems such as digital eye strain. Now how to prevent this issue and make corrections if your eyes are already strained. Your eyes will appreciate it and so will you, so try these tips today.