Knowing about your personality is the most important thing before you go for an interview. It is important to know that there are various things, that surround us which can describe ourselves.

One such thing is the colors that surround us. We can know a lot about our personalities from the colors surrounding us. Moreover, every color triggers a definite hormone associated with our moods. Thus, the shades can have an impact on your life and moods, in a meaningful way.

It is also important to note that you might select your favorite color in your home decoration. You may also use it in your day to day life like apparel; and this in-turn elevates the mood of the people around you. It also helps in setting your mood, thus the saying is very true that colors will speak to you in subtle ways.

Let us look at some of the most prominent shades and what personality trait is associated with it.


If red is your color of love, it is quite certain that you are a passionate person. Red is the color of fire and impulse, along with courage and bravery. This color describes that you have an energetic personality and always want to be the cynosure of the group. The personality trait also refers to adventure and spontaneity in life, which is highly encouraging.

Moreover, if Red is your favorite color, you also want to give a message to people not to mess with you. One of the most perfect present colors in the rainbow, which is not at all subtle, but bold and beautiful!

Isn’t it all your personality?!


Well, just like the fruit, the color has a personality of friendliness associated with it. If you can recall, this is the color that was connoted with the kitchen appliances a few years back.

Bearing a close connection with peace, tranquility, bubbliness, and yet being a social butterfly, this is a perfect color for extroverts. This color shows an extensive need for companionship, especially from a human.

More of a believer of co-existence and acceptance in society.

Honestly, your friend circle might be very big and very bubbly. Isn’t it?


What is the color of sunshine? It is Yellow! What is so beautiful about Yellow, which is not present in any other color?

Yellow is the color of knowledge, learning, and wisdom. If yellow is your favorite color, you lay and a lot of stress on knowledge. You enjoy learning and this is the main motto of your life. Moreover, you always consider knowledge to be life-giving as it can enhance the standard of living.

You love to be creative. Just like the rays of sun shining the world with creativity, life, and positivity, you relate to being a positive person. Moreover, order and sequence in your life is a highly important facet.


Loyalty is the way of life for you. It is important for you have loyal friends and family.

Being a down to earth person, you seek appraisal for your actions. The deep need to feel secure is the main reason why you prefer to be a down to earth person.

You are always looking for good activities in your life that can help you to gain respect from the society. You value your self-esteem and reputation.

As a lover, other than being loyal, you are giving a person. You tend to be affectionate, honest, and trustworthy that makes you the best lovers. Your need to be loved is of higher-order because it corresponds to safety and security for you too.


Let us just say that blue is the real king of colors when it comes to being the favorite one. One of the most loved colors, blue is symbolism for inner peace.

The tranquillity and the need for personal space are the characteristics of people whose beloved color is blue. Moreover, the blue color also signifies an outlaw.

People who have blue as their favorite color actually have beliefs that are unique, that set them separate from others. These make them competitive, come into the limelight, and also have a different way of living.

These people are highly reliable and sensitive enough. This makes them understand the plight of others, that sets them apart from the other personalities.

If you have ever felt a deep longing to help someone in need, blue must be your color personality.


The significance of clarity in vision helps you in becoming a visionary. With purple aiding you to gain intuition, if this is your favorite color, your wit and humor will be known!

Moreover, you can count on your gut more than often. Being a good observant and seeking emotional security in life, people with purple as their favorite color mostly follow their own way of life.

These people don’t try to fit in with the rest, rather they are strong leaders of something unique. Must, say, the personality of these people sets them unique and apart in society!


One of my personal favorites; black is the new cool in 21st century for the youth!

If you are of the opinion that black might relate to depression, well then you need to search more. For the ones who admire the color black, they do so because of power, domination, and dignity. This is what is reflected in the color.

These people are highly secretive in nature and maintain a regal demeanour which is misinterpreted by others, often. Detail-oriented, privacy-focused, and high self-worth is what defines these kinds of people.

The air of mystery about your personal life makes you the cynosure of the group.


A perfect combination of the dignity and power of black and the optimism of white, Gray is the true personification of regal calmness. The component of reliability makes you stand out.

Seeking both peace and composure, you are someone who likes to follow the norms of the game. Your dignified approach towards life with salty diplomacy makes you stand-out.

What makes you the apple of everyone’s eye is that without trying to break the rules of the game, you change them, due to your stability and self-centered approach.

You are very fair in your dealings which makes you make sound decisions during the crisis period.


Over the altruistic and pompous lifestyle you crave for simplicity and modest life.

A great companion and a lover of stability, you enjoy every moment of your friendship in being simple!

Steady in life with a parsimonious outlook, your bargaining power makes you a great salesman. Without any concavity and treacherousness in your activities, you tend to respect the ones with no hidden intentions.

Valuing punctuality, transparency, and hard work, you avoid taking any shortcuts in life. The value of hard work is more in your life, as you value your family more than any monetary gains.   


Optimist, clarity of thoughts, and simple lifestyle define you. You are described as a lively person with an orientation towards happiness and positivity.

You seek to find the positivity across nook and corner of life. Even at the most unexpected places, you don’t hesitate in looking for happiness. Your presence of mind and wisdom is well appreciated.

The stability and calmness in your modus operandi during the crisis situations are well-talked about.

Being known as an intelligent and mature person, your well-reserved calmness becomes the focal point for your success in life.

Can your favorite color change over time?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is, whether our favorite color will change over time.

Just like our tastes, the color might also change. But, will it also bring about a change in personality?

Well, truth is it will lead to different shades of personality being developed. But, the inner core of the person will not change for a life-time, even though the colors keep changing.