With more than 8 million installations, today, WordPress is the best blogging and CMS platform. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it is not so friendly. Confused? Let me explain. Why?

The default version of the WordPress is not SEO friendly at all. Till date, I have not seen any successful website or blog using the default setting of the WordPress. Default WordPress installation use out-dated permalink structure and common meta information for the posts.

Hence, its become very important to change the default setting of the WordPress site. Here, in this post, we have shared those changes. By implementing these changes, you can make your WordPress site more SEO friendly.

Permalink Structure

This is the first and the most important change to WordPress for making it more SEO friendly.

The default permalink structure of the WordPress site is not so good. It looks likes


In the above example, N represents post id number.

If you are using the default permalink structure then it is not advisable. You should change it immediately. To change the permalink structure, login to your WordPress site and select the best one from available option.

According to us, the Post Name is the best permalink structure. A permalink structure with post name in it will boost your presence in search engines.


Note: If you are changing the permalink structure of your already built website or blog then please make sure you do not forget to redirect your old permalink to the new one.

Install SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin

In WordPress, by default, there is no option to define the Meta information for the particular post. Hence, the same meta information will be repeated for all your posts.

Here, the role of SEO plugin comes. Install any one SEO plugin on your WordPress site and see the magic. The SEO will definitely improve your search engine performance.

For WordPress, we strongly recommended the Yoast SEO plugin. Install this plugin and it will take care of your SEO.  Yoast plugin has all important SEO features inbuilt and it is available in both paid and free version as well.

Add No Index Tag

WordPress create more than a dozen duplicate posts through its taxonomies, archives, and categories. Hence, to avoid any penalty for these duplicate content, it is very important to exclude them from being indexed. The only way to tell Google not to index these duplicate content is adding No Index tag to them.

If you are using the Yoast plugin then you can set this option directly from your Yoast dashboard. In the rest of the case, you need to modify your WordPress code and manually add the No Index to it.

Optimize your Medias

Media optimization

Media play an important role in the success or failure of any website or blog. If your media is properly optimized then it will boost your performance in search engines.

Just uploading the images and videos without proper name and description is not good for SEO. At the time of uploading media on WordPress site, there is an option to change the name, alt text, caption and description of the uploaded media. You can leverage these option for better performance in the search engines.

Use rel=”author” tag on your blog


As the name suggests, it is an markup code that suggests a relationship between the document and its author.

For example

<a href=”/author-info.html” rel=”author”>Example Text</a>

The above code says that here is the link to the author page and author-info.html is about the author information.

According to one study, you can increase the organic traffic by more than 150%,  by using rel=author markup code on your WordPress site. This markup code has two benefits. First, it will improve your SERP and Second, by linking Google+ page of the author, you can increase your trustworthiness and reputation.

Improve Loading Speed of the WordPress Site


Last but the very important change to be made to the WordPress site is improving its loading speed.

Loading Speed

You can follow the below tricks to improve the loading speed of the WordPress site.

  1. Delete unwanted plugins from your WordPress site.
  2. Install a good plugin for Cache.
  3. Disable Emotion from your WordPress site.
  4. Run Database Cleaner, to clean the database.
  5. Add your website or blog to Cloudflare.

That’s it. The above tricks will improve the loading speed of your site by 70%.

Over to You

Implement above changes to make your WordPress site more SEO friendly. If you want to recommend any other changes then please feel free to share with us. You can share your opinion with us in below comment box. We will be happy to listen to you.