Since the initial years of web development, WordPress and Drupal had both been the most widely used CMS platforms in the industry. Selecting a perfect CMS is more or less dependent on the factors you really require. Either of the platforms is the best when you’re looking for user-friendly solutions and open source services.

Tech debates had been common with respect to deciding which one is the best for the purpose. But then Whether WordPress or Drupal, each one is absolutely perfect depending on the requirements and the situations. They require different technical skills and would operate in a bit different manner too.

When you are questioning about what is the best solution, you should probably focus on what your issue really is. Basically, the right question should not be like which one is the best platform but, which one is the best for the type of CMS website development you need to create.

An Overview

Though Drupal had been in the scene much before WordPress, there is just 2 percent of websites that it holds worldwide. WordPress, on the other hand, handles about 30 percent of the share. This difference is quite significant and may also force you to think twice before actually comparing the two. Moreover, when the factor of popularity is ignored, they are some of the most considerable online CMS solutions so long.

An introduction is hardly needed for any of these platforms. However, it would always be useful and there is, therefore, no harm in having one.


WordPress is undeniably the world’s most popular system for content management. It was 2003 as a blogging platform originally and now supports over 29 percent of the entire websites. Also, it controls about 58.9 percent of the known CMS in the world. There could be hundreds of examples of the perfect working of WordPress.


  • Extensibility: WordPress allows you to make use of hundreds of third party themes and plugins which implies that websites can be extended in case of functionality without any need for custom development.
  • Easy guidance: WordPress is really very easy to use. However, if there are still any problems, there is a massive global community of developers that would help you find the best way out.
  • Affordable development: There are usually ‘out of the box’ solutions available with WordPress. Moreover, WordPress is likely to be a much more affordable solution than Drupal is.


In spite of being in the market before WordPress, Drupal lacks the attractive, gaudy market share that WordPress. There is only 2.3 percent of the entire websites that managed to fall to its part. Also, when the CMs market is considered, it has 4.6 percent of share in it.


  • Custom Content Views and Types: Drupal is believed to provide with more flexible custom types in comparison to WordPress.
  • Access controls: Drupal provides with in-built user access control system from where you can introduce new roles and give access permissions.
  • Core support for multilingual sites: Multilingual functionality is a core feature with Drupal whereas; WordPress requires using third-party plugins for the same.
  • Taxonomies to handle data: Drupal can handle a huge amount of data very well because of the more flexible taxonomy it holds in comparison to WordPress.

Some Common Benefits They Share

Although the two development platforms are very different from one another, there are many positive points they hold possess in common. These generally include:

  • They’re Open Source Solutions: Both WordPress and Drupal are open source solutions. This means that they can be used and developed further absolutely for free. This also implies that they are affordable and can be customized based on your requirements.
  • Strong Community Support: Each of the platforms is popular and used widely across the web development industry worldwide. In case you are not sure about what needs to be done further or face any difficulties there’s a vast community of developers who would help you to find the best solutions.
  • They’re Easy to Use: Both WordPress and Drupal had been popular for being extremely user-friendly platforms. However, there are still arguments with respect to them being equally user-friendly. They both are absolutely easy to handle in comparison to any other CMS.

WordPress vs. Drupal: How are they different?

There are many elements that would differentiate both the development platforms to a great extent. Here are some points you may consider:

1.Ease of Use and Learning Curve

WordPress is a perfect choice whether you’re looking in to create “zero” or a fully functional, good looking website. You can find niche-specific themes easily with WordPress. You can get ready with a working website within just an afternoon’s work.  Even casual users can grasp the WordPress working very easily. Also, there are many probable tools that make it easy to handle and work with.

Things are a bit different in case of Drupal. Though there are some themes, most of them are custom coded or highly customized. You will, therefore, need a developer to guide you with the most appropriate use of it. Also, it is a perplexing platform for most of the casual users. Therefore, ease of use may not really exist in case of Drupal.

2. Extensibility

Both WordPress and Drupal websites can be extended with add-ons. Though this may not indicate that WordPress is better, it has a really good and vast collection of third party plugins and themes which create a great WordPress ecosystem. Drupal directory though consists of a considerable number of modules, least of them are actually supported with its updated versions. It could be something that lets down a place.

Comparing Drupal and WordPress based on these terms is quite difficult and complicated. However, though the platforms seem to be equally customizable and extensible, difference does exist. WordPress allows you to begin with already a number of plugins. Also, there are endless functionalities that can be added later on.

Drupal, however, takes away the need to be dependent on any third-party additions. It had its own modules that work excellently. Moreover, they require custom development. Hence there would always be a requirement of a professional web developer.


Both WordPress and Drupal are known to be secure systems. However, there are still several elements that make Drupal be a more secure system.

Though WordPress core is secure at its level, there are massive third-party ecosystems that are continuously used. These wild cards aren’t much prevalent in the case of Drupal. Plugins make things vulnerable to numerous entry points to various malicious acts.

Most of the WordPress websites are therefore subjected to hacking. Also, because of the tactics applied the figure for it is expected to increase. There is no doubt in the fact that WordPress is secure. However, the involvement of so many third party elements makes it more vulnerable to threats than Drupal. 

Its lockdown security is one of the most considerable selling points in case of Drupal. It is hence one of the most common content management systems used for government websites or the ones which belong to large security cautious organizations. In comparison to the WordPress stats, there are only 2 percent Drupal websites that are known to be hacked.

4.Money and Investments

Your startup with the WordPress platform is initially going to be free. However, it’s just about settling for a place. You will further need to invest in a few important things like hosting and domain registration, plugins, and premium themes and various security options.

The total cost would come out as per how much customization you choose to add to your website. However, this is still expected to be less than that of Drupal. Well, you may surely be able to easily hire a developer for managing the functionality of your website in a better manner.

Also, this would be the case when you actually want a complex functionality to be the part of your website. It is technically savvy and you will not need a developer at the most initial levels. WordPress Developers, however, tend to be more expensive than the ones for Drupal.

Drupal is probably going to cost more for you as it requires more technical expertise. The initial investment in the Drupal site would perhaps be more than that of a WordPress website. Along with web development, you will also have the basic services to pay for.

Moreover, once the shell of your website is ready you won’t be needed to invest much in scaling, customizing, and adding up functionalities. When you are aware that your needs are ever changing, you would make a perfect move by investing in development with Drupal. Making the right decision would be up to you.

5.Google Preference

SEO is never really platform specific. However, the tactics followed by these platforms do affect the way Google stakes actions with respect to them. Both WordPress and Drupal have SEO built-in with them. On one hand, where Drupal was built to be search engine friendly, WordPress could experience the same in a way more enhanced manner because of the third party plugins it utilizes.

Drupal possesses default caching features which allows faster loading of pages. Faster websites generally tend to get considerably more preference for search engines. Also, Drupal is efficient in the management of larger content.

Difference, however, arises when it comes to the management of mobile sites. WordPress websites are usually mobile responsive and would, therefore, perform well as per requirement.

Concluding Analysis

Choosing an appropriate platform is always going to be dependent on you. As mentioned earlier, you will need to recognize most of your requirements and expected functionalities before you actually come to a decision. Both the development platforms are absolutely excellent from different perspectives.

  • Low-cost initial investments: WordPress is the best solution in this case. It is highly customizable and affordable too. If you are not sure about where the website is going to head out in future, WordPress would be the best selection.
  • Fastest Setup: Again, when you want to be clear with the work as soon as possible and desire a website that is no hassle to be settled, WordPress would be a great choice for you. Initial setting up a website is the easiest with this platform. Even if you possess the least expertise in web development, you would be able to do everything correctly at your ease.
  • Robust and Complex Solution: When you know that you have complex requirements for the future, and are in search of several robust options with appropriate functionality, Drupal is the best way to start up with investment. Though it would take some time to develop, it will be really effective and well working.

Therefore based on the above-discussed points you can consider WordPress vs. Drupal and pick up working with the most suitable development platform.