Traffic violations generally fall into three classifications: infractions, misdemeanorsand felonies. Infractionsare minor offenses resulting in fines plus points on your driving record and most speeding tickets fall into this classification. Speeding charges can also be classified as a misdemeanorif you were caught speeding excessively or if harm to another person or property occurred. A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine with possible restitution, probation and community service. Felonies are the most serious offense and can result inlonger jail sentences butare usually reserved for speeding charges that involve a death.

Reducing a Charge to a Lesser Classification


Each state classifies their infractions, misdemeanors and felonies into degrees with their own system of punishment. In some cases, a more serious charge can be reduced to a lesser classification. If, for example, you’ve been charged with both speeding and DUI, the severity of the double charge could be contested. This could result in your DUI charge being reduced to reckless driving, an offense that comes with a lesser punishment.

Defending Against Speeding Violations


Certain elements need to be met for a serious offense to be reduced to a lower classification, but a knowledgeable and experienced speed ticket lawyer can build a strong case for your defense.

Reducing the charge can make it easier to put the matter behind you and protect your driving privileges. Minor speeding violations can also take their toll in higher vehicle insurance rates, fines and an increased chance of a license suspension. It can be in your best interests to seek to reduce or contest minor charges as well as fighting the more serious offenses.

One of the most common traffic citations is speeding violation. In the speedy violation, there is much law and actively work on for the defenses of drivers and vehicles. For controlling the violation we have to follow many rules and basic law. One of the basic things is required for drivers and the motorist to drive with their vehicle at reasonable and prudent speed.

In highway, a state may specify a law for specific highway with maximum driving speed and it should vary with different types of vehicle. In an Example, the speed limits for some car 60Km/hour and otherwise for some other vehicles or trucks speed limit should be 50Km/hours. Presumed Speed limits means you may be accused of unsafe and over speed, the condition was considering at the time of ticketing. If you are accused of presumed speed limit you have to claim for defenses whether you are not exceeding the posted speed limit or you maintain all the traffic condition like specific road, weather.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Legal Representation


There are legal strategies for a traffic violation defense but fighting the court system on your own may not produce a favorable outcome. Representation by a traffic ticket lawyer can increase the chances of reducing your charges or punishment. It’s wise to obtain the assistance of an attorney who knows how the traffic court system works when you need to protect your driving privileges or assert your innocence. Traffic ticket one of the most stressful works to get. People do not easily understand the importance of the traffic ticket and May affected in the future. People lose their traffic and driving license in certain violation for not having the Traffic ticket.