All businesses are still reeling from the events of last year. The pandemic has gutted thousands of jobs and imperiled countless enterprises over the past year, and some are still struggling to recover. According to a report form the Congressional Budget Office, the pandemic has already cost the United States $8 trillion over the next ten years. Large companies and small businesses alike will face the daunting task of pulling themselves up.

There are plenty of ways your business can recuperate from the lost revenue and customer shortage brought on by these challenges. One of the most effective ways you can address your business’s issues is through simple but effective marketing strategies.

A Caveat

There is often the temptation to put all your hopes and aspirations for recuperation into one basket. But the truth is that there is no single effective way to market your business. Every company has different requirements dictated not just by their industry, but their circumstances.

For example, mortgage service companies will have different fields of service to hairdressing companies. Furthermore, each company can be facing different challenges. Don’t subscribe to the magic bullet belief that one marketing strategy will be the key to your prosperity.

Here are five simple but effective marketing methods you can use in tandem to help push your business into the future.

1. Build a Website

As shocking as it may seem, not every business has a website. Small businesses especially are missing out in expanding their online presence and acquiring more customers. According to a survey, as many as 35 percent of small businesses think their operations aren’t large enough for a website. Websites have become indispensable, especially as physical locations closed. A website is a digital storefront, and businesses can be missing out in acquiring hundreds of new customers. No matter how small your enterprise, you need to start creating a website as soon as possible.

2. Optimize Your Brand

Businesses often forget that the brand your business started out with may no longer be the best brand for you the next year. Brand optimization refers to streamlining the logo, taglines and vibe of your entire business. For example, your logo may have been eye-catching and modern four years ago, but does it look clunky by comparison today?

Your preferred marketing and advertising channels also fall into this category, with more and more businesses choosing digital marketing over traditional marketing. Analyze your business’s brand and check if it needs an update or an overhaul. This way, you can remain relevant and fresh despite years of service.

3. Hold Webinars

People want to learn more and improve themselves and the channel they’re most likely to do so in is the internet. You can add your voice and build a positive relationship with potential customers by organizing your own webinars. These digital lessons provide you with an avenue to showcase that you and your business are authorities in your field. Webinars are also relatively easy to undertake.

First, you need to develop a topic that you have experience in that’s related to your business. Next, spread the word about your webinar and register attendees. Once you’re done creating your materials and presentation, you can host your webinar and educate attendees.

4. Email Potential Customers

With the advent of instant messaging apps, many people have opted not to use email anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that email is now irrelevant to businesses. According to statistics, 3.9 billion users open their emails every day. This accounts for approximately half the world’s population and you can use emails to reach out to them personally.

Email marketing requires a deft hand and some clever writing skills, but the results can mean a significant improvement for your business, especially when it comes to turning leads into customers. Email marketing can remind causal users of great offers, lure them back to your site with new product releases and make them feel more connected with personalized information.

5. Write a Blog

Finally, people on the internet are hungry for useful information and your business can be the one to provide them. Instead of devoting blog posts or website pages to bland product information, you can use them to publish educational blog posts. Stick to your business’s areas of expertise.

For example, if you run a landscaping business, you may write article about expert tree care methods or preparing lawns for winter. This type of actionable and informative blog post will attract new viewers to your site who could become customers in short order.

Marketing strategies are just one facet of how you can uplift your business. Without other strategies in place, your marketing efforts will be for nothing. Only a holistic approach can help your business recover its maximum potential.