If you are selling your home but confused about how to put everything in place without a single miss then you have come to the right place. We know what it takes to plan everything properly while selling a house. Especially when you are selling your home for the first time, there are so many things that needed to be taken care of and we are actually going to provide you an effective to-do list to make your shifting easier and hassle-free. This list has been made by jotting down the experiences and tips of several home sellers who have sold their residential flats in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other fast-paced cities. So, here we go.

Bedroom To-Do(s)

Change the bed sheets if necessary

Make beds properly and regularly

Keep the drawers full of daily requirements

Clear the stuff you have beside the bed like the table, dressing glass or anything else

The wardrobe should look neat and well organized

Check if the door of the wardrobe is opening and closing properly

Vacuum clean the floor on a regular basis

Find the damages on a wall and fix it

To represent a well-decorated wall, remove the unnecessary things on the wall and keep only handpicked arts

Kitchen To-Do(s)

Clear the garbage bin before every potential buyer visits your home

If you have a pet then before inviting buyers, check if your pet’s foods are not spread over your kitchen floor

Neatly clean the pantries of your home

Try to make the kitchen look light, store out any extra thing that you don’t use regularly

Polish the sink to make it shine like a new one

Empty the counter tops of the kitchen

Bleach the tiles to wash out the grouts

Clean the microwave, chimney, and ovens

If you have customized your refrigerator with picture and magnets then remove those

Check and clean if you have any ant heap in any of the loose corners of your kitchen

Remove the rust brown burners from the gas stove and put new ones

Put the vacuums and mops out of the kitchen

Dining Room To-Do(s)

Put only one centerpiece on the proper middle of the dining table and remove any other stuff
Set the candelabra at the proper height and contrast to the floor and dining table respectively
You can keep one cutlery set beside the centerpiece.

Keep only 4 to 5 chairs max around the table and remove other chairs aside from the dining room

Living Room To-Do(s)

Keep light furniture in the living room

To maintain the theme of the living room, keep any toys away

Clear the snacks table

Ashtrays should be removed from the table in the first place

Use of pillows on the sofa will do the good work here

Bathroom To-Do(s)

The cabinets should be well organized

The surfaces should be neat and clean

You can also invest in new towels if the old ones are looking dull

Make sure the bar of the soap is clean

Keep a bottleneck full of hand soap

Keep the linens in contrast

Remove extra shower tubs and stalls before inviting buyers

Keep the towels properly on the towel rack, fold the towels in thirds

Clean the curtains of the shower

Clear any outdated or obsolete things in the bath area

Hide the garbage bin

Keep the toilet lid clean and close

Clean any rusty pipes if visible

Keep the toothbrushes and toothpastes properly at its places

Other To-Do(s)

Replace the light switch covers, light bulbs, door knobs, carpets, fireplace etcetera if needed

Repaint the exterior and interior if needed

Dust the ceiling fans, heater or AC vents, baseboards, blinds, and walls

Increase the floor space by rearranging the furniture

Decorate the house with an optimum number of plants

Pack away your family photos for depersonalizing

Lighten up the dark spaces

Use bright light bulbs to make everything look vibrant

Don’t use artificial room fresheners, instead, let your home smells fresh organically

Remove any dirty clothes or piece of clothes

Sweep out and clean the garage

Mow the lawn and fertilize it to give it a fresh look

Cut down any plants or shrubs blockages

Important Tip: Pricing your home can be a tough decision to be taken alone. Taking a professional’s help would reduce the stress. You can find several renowned real estate agents to properly pricing your residential property in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and other smart cities according to the current real estate market trends.