Do you know you can view someone’s Instagram posts and stories without logging in to your Instagram account? Yes, with the help of Picuki you can do it anonymously. Even you can edit and download Instagram pictures from this website.

What is Picuki? is a popular website for viewing, editing, and downloading someone’s Instagram posts and stories.

Besides posts editing and downloading you can see someone’s stories. The interesting fact is that, if you see stories of others from your Instagram app, they can check who viewed their story within 24 hours. If you view their story from Picuki, they will never find that you are stalking on their Insta accounts.

How to edit and download Instagram posts on Picuki?

Step 1: open

Step 2: search the name or username on the search bar.

search bar on Picuki

Step 3: You will find two different result tabs. One tab with profiles and another is trending tags according to your search.

 Profiles & Tags on Picuki

Here I have searched “Cristiano Ronaldo” and found the official account of CR7 in the profile tab and related tags in the tags section.

Note: when you are searching for something with a name or username, you may find multiple related profiles. The exact match search result and popular account will be displayed in the first position.

Step 4: click on the profile that you want to see. You will find 4 sections Stories, Posts, Followers, and Following.

Cristiano profile from Picuki

Step 5: Click on posts that you want to view, edit or download.

Note: You can edit and download any single photo but videos and photo slides are not editable. You can only download those.

Step 6: You will find an option to edit or download the post at the end of the post.

Step 7: Click on edit, you will find options to crop, filters, adjust, text, sticker, brush, focus, and border. Edit as you wish and download it.

How to View and Download Instagram Stories on Picuki?

Step 1: After opening the website, you will find a button “view Stories” at the top right corner. Click on it.

View stories on Picuki

Step 2: Search the Instagram Username on the bar and see their stories. You can only see stories within 24 hours after the uploading time.

Step 3: Click on the story to download it.

Download story

If you crawl down the homepage of the website, you will find a section at the bottom about the trending Instagram profiles and tags.

Top 12 Alternative Sites of Picuki

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Most asked questions on Picuki:

Is Picuki anonymous? 

Yes, Picuki is an anonymous website for checking someone’s Instagram stories, posts, etc.

Is Picuki safe? 

Yes, this website is safe for users. This website is malware-free, even they don’t display garbage ads to the user.

What is Picuki Website? is a website for viewing, editing, and downloading someone’s Instagram posts and stories without logging in.

How can I look at Instagram without Instagram?

The best option to look at Instagram without an Instagram app is to use

Is Picuki a Mobile App?

No, still Picuki does not have a mobile app. It’s a website that you can access from any device like a laptop, phone, or tablet.

Can I see a private Instagram account from Picuki?

No, it’s not possible to access a private Instagram account by using Picuki. If you search a private account on Instagram, they will show you this message “Profile is private.”

Will users be notified if I download their stories?

No, users will not be notified if you see someone’s story by using Picuki.