RARBG(RAR Bulgaria) this website was launched in 2008.Then it was one of the best torrent sites for movies,songs,software,TV series download.It was a great provider of
torrent files and this site was hassle-free and relatively fast than other torrent sites.Thats why maximum people used this websites services.

Due to legal pressure from BREIN(Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland) RARBG was forced to shutdown their service for one week in December 2008.After
that period this site continue providing servises all over the world.

Recently the worst thing happens when some countries government and ISP blocked RARBG website in their country.Countries like
India,Portugal,Pakistan,Morroco,UK,UAE,Finland,Denmark,Indonesia banned this website services.

Don’t worry if you can’t access the official RARBG site in your country. Now there are many RARBG proxy sites available on web from where you can download torrent
files and enjoy the movies,games,songs as previous.

RARBG proxy Sites:

These sites uses differnt address from the main website but contain the same contents.Actually these sites use proxy server which mask your own IP and it will appear
as proxy’s IP instead your own IP.

Here are ten working proxy sites of RARBG



Sometimes it may be harmful for your web security for using proxy sites because there is no encryption which gives the user security when passes through the server.So
its better to use VPN(Virtual Private Network) before torrent download because it use encryption which gives perfect security and anonymity to the user passes through
it’s server.