We all want our website to feel good. Although everyone’s taste is different, in general, having animations and interactive elements takes any website to another level. And what should you do to get it? Well, hire JavaScript developers. They are the guru of interactive and engaging websites!

But before you rush to freelancing platforms and open a new job post, let’s understand what you should and shouldn’t do during that process. In short, here are the: 

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Javascript Developer

Let’s start with the good ones: 

5 Do’s 

1) Do make your job post clear 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a JavaScript, or pretty much any other developer, is not making clear the project’s requirements and expectations. Some people spend so much time with their website; they forget that others have no idea what the whole page is about. 

So, it is always preferable to include all the information regarding your web project in the job post, giving your potential developers a sneak peek at their upcoming job. Tell them about your website’s goal, target audience, and primary purpose, but at the same time, explain how you expect your JavaScript developers to improve it and what their focus should be. 

In short, write a good job post so that it is clear which level of expertise you are expecting, what the deadlines are, and how challenging your task is. 

2) Do find an experienced JavaScript developer 

Talking about the experience: you better get yourself a senior JavaScript developer if you want everything to go smoothly. Yes, we understand that our poor juniors would be out of work if everyone thought this way. But let’s be honest: not everyone thinks this way. 

Small startups or even large companies often hire juniors because they have time to teach them all themselves and watch them grow. At the same time, it is way more affordable to hire juniors than seniors. However, we assume that you really don’t have enough time and resources to teach your new developers JavaScript and wait for them to learn from their mistakes.

So if you want your job to be done quickly, don’t even think of it: pay a little extra, but hire a senior. 

3) Do skim through their portfolio 

Even if you hire an experienced JavaScript developer, who has worked with large clients for many years, make sure you check out their portfolio. Everyone’s taste is different, and one’s projects simply might not be suiting yours. 

So before you make an offer, skim through your potential developer’s portfolio and understand whether he is really the one. 

4) Do conduct an interview 

Some people love to miss this part. “Ah, there’s no time for an interview: I’ve seen his CV, I’ve skimmed through his portfolio, the man is exactly what I need,” is the main thought people get when they need the project to be completed as soon as possible. But remember: never skip an interview. 

Maybe that person is incredibly talented as a JavaScript developer but is really problematic to work with. Or maybe the entire portfolio is a scam, and after a few questions, you realize that he knows nothing about his own projects. 

So do a quick interview, and check if he is really suiting you. 

5) Do give him a task 

Finally, before or after the interview, give your JvaScript developer a task. Ask him to make something for your website or come up with an imaginary task to test his skills. You’re the one to choose how to go with it, but make sure that you see how he works before you hire your developer. 

It will also help you understand whether your freelancer is punctual or not. If he gives the task on time, you can be sure he won’t miss the deadlines, but if he delivers it later, he might also have your entire project delivered a little past the deadline.

That’s not a big issue for many, but it can be problematic for you if you want everything to be perfectly punctual. 

Now that you know how to hire JavaScript developers, let’s quickly skim through the don’t 

5 Don’t-s 

1) Don’t pick a developer who has no idea about privacy issues

A good developer should understand that your web application or web page needs to have increased data privacy. This is not only imposed by the government but is also a must if you want to bring more conversions. So make sure your JavaScript developer can make your website or web application more secure and protected. 

2) Don’t close your eyes on the soft skills 

Sometimes, when hiring a developer, people close their eyes to communication skills and focus only on the technical aspects. Well, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 

If you want your work to go smooth, make sure your developer is good in communication, collaboration and is, in general, your type of person to work with. 

Here is how you can check the soft skills of your developer during the interview. 

3) Don’t forget to show him the big picture 

Give your JavaScript developer as much overview of your project as you can. Share with him your ambitions, your business goals, and we guarantee the results will be way better! 

4) Don’t forget to check his reviews 

If you’re hiring through an online platform, check the reviews to make sure it’s not a scam and that clients were indeed happy with his work. If you’re hiring in the real world, ask for referrals from clients or employees, or get it yourself by contacting the previous employers.

5) Don’t go too cheap 

Finally, we’ve already mentioned that it is way better to pay a little extra and hire a senior to go with a junior. 

However, in many platforms, you might see even senior developers ready to work for less but promise to give the same results. 

Don’t get allured by these offers: if you know that your project will cost approximately X money, don’t hire someone who asks for less. 

Remember, price=quality, and you certainly don’t want to sacrifice the quality.