Take a minute to evaluate your posture while reading this article.

Are your shoulders slumped? Is your neck tilted so you can easily read your screen? Are your wrists strained as they hover over your keyboard?

If so, you’re not alone.

But this shouldn’t be the norm. Sitting for long periods of the day with bad posture often leads to back pain, the leading cause of disability worldwide. 

Want to set up your workstation to maximize ergonomics and reduce pain? Keep reading to learn the essential elements of an ideal ergo computer workstation.

1. Ergonomic Chair

The average American sits for over six hours every single day. If you’re wondering what is the most important aspect of your ergonomic workstation, the answer is easily your chair. 

There is no universal chair that is best for every worker, so you’ll need to evaluate your specific needs to find which one’s best for you. 

Start by concentrating on seat height. When sitting up straight, your feet should rest flat on the ground. Your thighs should be sitting horizontally and your arms should easily reach your desk. 

Then, you want to find a chair with proper lumbar support. A backrest and armrests are also important. 

Try out a few different options in the store before you choose which chair is right for you.  

2. Desk Height 

After you find the right chair, then you may need to adjust your desk accordingly. 

Start by making sure your legs fit comfortably underneath your desk. Then, evaluate how your arms lay flat on the desk. The perfect height will have your forearms at a 90-degree angle to our upper arms. 

Some people choose a standing or adjustable-height desk to eliminate any height issues. That way your desk can adjust to your needs based on the day. 

Also, consider the overall layout of your desk. If your desk is too wide, you may not be able to easily reach things that you often need, such as your phone. Move your desk around so that the items that you frequently use are reachable without straining. 

3. Keyboard Riser

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common workplace injuries and often stems from an excess of computer work. If your job involves a lot of typing or data entry, you’ll also want to look at purchasing a keyboard riser. 

A keyboard riser allows you to adjust the height of your keyboard and mouse to best fit your sitting position. This is a much easier adjustment to make than buying a new desk or a new chair. But by pairing the three items together, you ensure that you’re always in a comfortable position at work. 

Read more here about why you need a keyboard riser for your workstation. 

Create Your Own Ergo Computer Workstation

Using these main elements, you can create your own ergo computer workstation. 

Start by concentrating on finding the right chair for your body, then adjust your desk height accordingly. Having a keyboard riser can make a world of difference, especially if you spend a lot of time typing. 

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