From Arkansas to Ajax, plumbing advances are increasingly bringing high-tech water solutions to both industry and the average consumer. Let’s look at five innovative developments.

1.Tankless water heaters

Like to save money on energy bills and cut your carbon footprint by consuming less power? Instead of heating, and re-heating, a big tank of water and letting it sit there, modern tankless technology heats water as needed as it passes through pipes. Gas or electric power warms the water at a rate of about seven to 15 liters per minute; electric heaters often have lower flow rates than more powerful gas-fired heaters. 

Energy bills and environmental considerations aren’t the only reasons tankless water heaters are popular — there’s limitless hot water! Almost, anyway. Even if you’ve got a humongous traditional water heater at home, chances are you’ve run out of hot water if you’re the last one in the house to hit the shower. And have to wait while the tank heats. Heating water on-demand means no more chilling surprises mid-scrub.

2. Leak detectors

A leak detector serves as a bulwark against two potentially serious problems: water damage and water loss. The former may hit you hard with costly repairs and the latter could be a perpetual problem with higher-than-necessary water bills. Basic smart leak detectors have sensors that send you an alert through an app when they find there’s water loss, while more advanced detection systems turn off valves until the problem gets resolved. 

3. Touchless faucets in home bathrooms

When we first saw touchless faucets go mainstream a few years ago, there was a focus on their use in the kitchen; they were touted as water-saving technology but they were really more of a fun novelty. However, the coronavirus taught us a serious lesson on the benefits of touch-free fixtures, and the automatic faucets we’ve become accustomed to in airports and malls took on a new level of importance. And so we’re poised to see more touchless faucets, activated by either motion sensors or voice, installed in home bathrooms. It’s mostly about hygiene — but there’s still a fun factor.  

4. Put graywater to work.

Every day lots of people let the water that can go to good use go literally down the drain. A practice made all the worse by unprecedented water shortages because of climate change. While water from toilets isn’t suitable for reuse, the flows from showers, washing machines, and your kitchen sink are clean enough for second uses with a greywater filtration system. With Ajax plumbing, you can use treated greywater to irrigate landscaping while inside uses include flush toilets. Combine a filtration system with a smart irrigation system and you’ve leaped into the future.  

5. Ajax plumbing spread smart toilets to the masses

There are now tens of millions of smart homes across the globe, and the rising trend shows no sign of slowing. It’s expanding to just about every device homes have — “smart” is no longer just about controlling lights and adjusting room temperatures. Enter the smart toilet. What can smart toilets do? Well, they offer automatic seat closing and hands-free flushing for greater sanitation. And there are self-cleaning smart toilets. Would you like to be greeted by a toasty seat on a cold winter morning? Your smart toilet can have it warmed up and ready for you to go. And with mood lighting and music to set just the right ambiance, a smart toilet could become the best seat in your house.   

We don’t know the future. But we know that Ajax plumbing experts will be there offering leading-edge technology that will change the way you use water in your life.