While many call dogs man’s best friend, fans of the pet pig insist that their porcine friends are even better suited to this role!  Pigs have many of dogs’ best traits, plus many other unique qualities, which endear them to their human families. 

If you are thinking about getting a pet pig, think about these five reasons why one of these creatures may make an even better companion for you and your family than a puppy!

1. Pigs Are Smart

Owners of pet pigs are constantly reminding others how intelligent these animals are. They learn tricks. They communicate a range of emotions in a myriad of sounds and behavior.

Pigs are also very loyal and are sensitive to your feelings. They have been known to their masters’ rescue! One pig rescued a family from a burning building.

Another summoned help for her dying owner by lying down on a busy highway! 

2. Pigs Are Clean

Although people accuse pigs of being dirty because they like to lie in the mud,  they are actually very clean. 

Unlike dogs, who often will track dirt into your house and shed fur all over your furniture, pigs are less messy-  when they want to be. They do not get fleas or ticks, and they don’t have fur that gets all over everything.

Dogs, on the other hand, must be groomed frequently – especially in the summer months, when they can get overheated. (Learn more how to handle that with fun and humor). Pigs an easily cool off in a puddle, pond or the bathtub! 

Pigs have even been trained to use a litter box! Unlike dogs who need to be walked and sometimes have an accident on your rug, a pig can be taught where to go in a way that is easier and cleaner for you.

3. Pigs Can Live a Long Time 

One of the heartbreaks of owning a pet is that they rarely live as long as we do.  If getting your heart broken by a short-lived relationship with a canine or feline is too painful, think about a pig.  

Potbellied pigs can live up to twenty years, provided that they are well taken care of. That’s decades worth of love, affection, and fun! 

4. Pigs Get Along with Cats 

If you love cats, you may not be able to have a dog. Everyone knows that dogs and cats can sometimes mix as well as oil and water. 

Pigs may not get along with dogs very well. This is because pigs are natural prey and dog are natural predators, so a dog may want to go after the pig!

Cats and pigs get along very well. If a piglet and a kitten grow up together, they will be friends for life. They often romp and play together. 

5. Pigs are Very Social 

Pigs are herd animals and do not like to be alone. If you bring one into your home it will quickly become a loving and amusing companion.

Pigs like to cuddle. They also have sparkling personalities and will keep you laughing for hours with their ways of communicating, playing and showing their affection. 

If You Are Seeking Man’s Best Friend, Consider a Pig 

Dogs are wonderful animals, but if you are looking for a different kind of companion, think about a pig. They are fun, adoring companions who will bring great joy to your life and keep you smiling every day. Dogs are lovely, but it is possible that pigs may indeed be man’s best friend.

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