As many as 275 million people in the world have tried an illicit drug.

Some of us react with a quick rejection after the first time taking an illicit drug. Not everyone has an addictive personality, but anyone can become addicted to drugs. 

Addiction is more common when an individual is undergoing immense stress, mental health problems, or physical rehab. Addiction rehabilitation is the only way to regain control of an addict’s life. Early help through intervention and substance abuse programs is key to saving lives.

Here are five signs that rehabilitation is needed.

Top 5 Addiction Symptoms

Experienced drug users find ways to hide their dark side. Even if they do, they will advertise patterns in the behavior. You will begin to notice changes if they become addicted while being close to them.

1. Bi-Polar Moods

Addicts move through life experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute they are extremely happy or “high”, and the next, down in the dumps. Heavy addicts tend to stay more irritable and cynical than happy. 

You’ll notice their personality slowly transform into a colder, more indifferent one. The worst stages are when they begin to turn on their own family, lashing out violently, usually because they haven’t had their fix.

2. Deteriorating Health

Drugs take a toll on an addict’s health, mentally and physically. Drugs and alcohol get processed through the kidneys and liver. When these organs become encumbered by substances, they began to fail.

Liver and kidney disease greatly impacts the immune system and saps the body’s energy. These symptoms are hard to ignore in chronic drug users.

3. Distance and Betrayal

As the addiction worsens, it starts to steal away the user’s time. It will compete with other relationships. The distance widens between loved ones, and the addict can feel attacked when challenged.

Drugs make addicts do risky or bad things if they risk losing their access to drugs. They’ll steal from friends, family, or workplaces, which can destroy relationships.

This is why it is important to act as soon as you notice these symptoms. Sit down with an addict recovery specialist, such as those at DreamLife Recovery, to find out more.

4. Crime and Punishment

Self-destructive behavior is a core tenant of addiction. All addictions are expensive to some degree, especially financially. As soon as income runs low, addicts get desperate. 

They are more likely to commit a crime or risk losing their job to feed their habit. Nearly 50% of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted. Passing random drug tests involves cheating with a high chance of getting caught.

Job performance suffers, suspicions arise, and a random drug test could begin the downward spiral.

5. Money Problems

Even without losing their job, addicts will show many financial red flags before things snowball. They might skimp out on dates, go to fewer events or concerts, and fail to pay bills on time. Lending money to an addict is a double-edged sword: if you don’t do it, they may become desperate and turn to crime.

Addiction Rehabilitation Starts Today

This is why it is important to act as soon as you notice these symptoms. Sit with an addiction rehabilitation specialist to find out how to help. Give them a second chance at life by helping them take that first step to recovery.

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