In the US, there are almost 325,000 police officers who are currently employed. That’s less than 0.01% of the country’s population, so if you know a person in blue, then consider yourself one of the lucky few!

These people do a lot to protect the general public, so it’s always good to show your appreciation, especially if your loved one serves on the force. And it doesn’t have to be their birthday or any other excuse; giving them a present “just because” suffices!

Here are seven meaningful gift ideas you can get the police officer in your life if you need some help.

1. Thin Blue Line Flag Blanket

The thin blue line flag serves as a symbol of recognition, honor, and respect for law enforcement. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s the American flag in black and white with a blue stripe near the bottom. Your police officer will immediately know what it means, especially on a blanket.

This is one of the best gifts to give them because it allows your loved one to show their law enforcement pride by draping it across their couch. In addition, it’ll keep them warm when cold weather comes around.

2. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

We all need to kick back and relax sometimes, and that may involve shots sometimes. And no, we’re not referring to bullet shots; rather, some alcohol shots will loosen your person in blue and their friends up!

As a clever play on words, why not gift your police offer some 12 gauge shot glasses? These are made to look like the shells that come from shooting a shotgun, so as you can imagine, they’re fun to not only drink from, but also to display.

The next time your loved one has a party or some friends over, they can serve shots in cool glasses, thanks to you.

3. Personalized Whiskey Decanter and Tumbler Set

If your police officer is classy and doesn’t slam back shots, but still enjoys liquor, then get them a personalized whiskey decanter and tumblers instead.

Have the decanter engraved with a well-designed police badge that shows their name and badge number. This set will add a touch of elegance to their cabinet or any space they place it in.

And when they bring out the decanter and tumblers to serve their friends, they’ll admire the custom design and be envious. These pieces will certainly still up great conversations!

4. Smith & Wesson Police Watch

With the prevalence of smartphones and smart watches nowadays, traditional watches are often forgotten about. However, they still make fantastic accessories; put one on after dressing in a sharp suit, and your look is instantly upgraded!

What’s great is Smith & Wesson has a specially designed police watch. It has a black band and blue face, representing the colors of law enforcement.

Also, the band is made of nylon, the face has glow-in-the-dark hands and markings, and the watch itself is water-resistant (up to 90 feet). So the watch has lots of useful functions in addition to its beautiful aesthetics!

5. Car Seat Organizer

Life as a police officer can be hectic, and there’s often no time to get your things neat and tidy. Considering that they spend a lot of time in their squad cars, one of the best law enforcement gifts is a car seat organizer.

This present snaps onto the headrest securely, and can easily be removed and used as a shoulder strap too. It has multiple compartments, including zippers that protect fragile items.

When your loved one can slot in their necessities and retrieve them effortlessly, they’ll be thanking you profusely for both saving them time and preventing frustration!

6. Police Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a collectible long used by the military, as well as the police and firefighters. These coins are small, which is excellent for gifting if your loved one doesn’t have much space or you’re meeting them and don’t want to burden them with large items to take home.

You can design your own police challenge coins, down to the words, images, and colors. You can even pick what material they’re printed on, so you can trust that your police officer is getting something truly unique.

What’s even cooler is there’s a secret handshake and etiquette to exchanging police challenge coins. So you’re giving them something that allows them to participate in inner circle activities!

7. Tactical Self-Defense Pen

This is another small yet amazing present you can give a police officer.

This pen is made from an ultra-durable material: aircraft-grade aluminum. Others in dangerous professions use it, so you know your person in blue will love it. Not only can you write with a tactical self-defense pen, but you can also use it to smash through glass, protect against attackers, and even collect attacker DNA.

Plus, the design of the pen is sleek and beautiful. It’ll be a gorgeous addition to their dress shirt pocket!

Get a Meaningful Gift for That Special Police Officer

Police officers do so much to give back to the community, so it might feel like nothing you do will ever measure up to your gratitude. However, if you purchase any meaningful gift from this list, they’re sure to be wowed.

So no matter if there’s an occasion coming up or you just want to show appreciation to a person in blue, buy a gift that’ll truly speak volumes to them.

Do you have more gift giving to do in the future? Then check out the rest of our blog page for more inspiration.