We know that it’s easy to lose track of time, but Father’s Day is just around the corner. June 21 is only a few weeks away from now, which means it’s that time of the year to think of the best gift for your dad, and/or for other important father figures in your life. If you really want to make this year’s Father’s Day extra special, you’ll need to come up with something a little more personal and original.

To help you avoid the toxic last-minute scramble, we’ve searched the internet and rounded up a gift guide for different types of Dads to help you choose the perfect gift. Check out our recommendations for the best gift ideas for Father’s Day this 2020.

For the Health-Conscious Dad:-

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If your dad is a certified gym rat or someone who is recommitting to a regular fitness regimen, give him something that he really wants. Surely, he would love to receive healthy essentials that will help him get the job done.

Workout shoes:

Give your dad new running shoes to replace the pair he’s had kicking around for the past decade. Receiving a new pair of kicks will also encourage your dad to get moving and be physically active.

Massage Gift Certificate:

As any doctor will say, relaxation is important. Have your father take a break from all the stress at work. A gift certificate for a relaxing massage is a good way to get someone to recuperate physically and mentally.

Fitness and Weight Management Program:

A good Father’s Day gift is one that encourages good health. For busy fathers looking into losing some belly fat and increasing muscle mass, getting them enrolled in fitness programs that improve overall health and well-being is a great idea. Check out couponlawn.com to get great deals on weight loss programs.

For the Techie Dad:-

Techie Dad
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Ever heard of the expression “There’s an App for that”? With so much advancement in technology, many modern gadgets are created to make daily living a lot easier. Most dads today are very updated with the latest trends in technology. If your father belongs to the “tech-savvy dads,” consider any of the following tech gifts:

Portable Camera:

Gift your dad a camera that he can use to record every moment of his mountain bike trips with his pals. Cameras that can be appropriated to sporting equipment are quite the trend these days.

Fitness Tracker:

Personal fitness trackers are excellent gifts for dads. From the number of footsteps he takes daily to his heart and breathing rates, these gadgets would be very useful in tracking his health condition.

Gadgets Close to His Passion:

Make your dad incredibly happy by giving a gift related to things that he is passionate about. For instance, if your father is into music, he’ll need a serious pair of high-quality headphones. As these dads tend to take their entertainment seriously, opt for headphones that have noise cancellation and a noise-rejecting microphone for clear sound and good voice pick-up.

For the Sports Fanatic Dad:-

Golf  Club
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Whether your dad is an athlete or simply someone who is a sports fanatic, these cool gift ideas are sure to uplift his competitive spirit.

New Sports Gear:

Give your dad a new playing gear for his routine playouts – a new tennis racket, golf club, new football, or simply comfy track pants.

Sporting Merchandise:

Exclusive merchandise and collectibles of your dad’s favorite sports team is a sure pleaser. Score some major points from your father and give him something that he will cherish for years.

Sports Game Tickets:

One way to make your dad happy is to surprise him with tickets to watch his favorite sports live. If budget is not a problem, try to buy tickets for the entire family, so everyone gets to bond with your dad as well.

For the Fashion-forward Dad:-

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While a new pair of branded socks or a chick tie are popular gifts annually for Father’s Day, you may also stray away from the usual gifts with these following stylish gift ideas:

Elegant Watch:

You will never go wrong with a quality timepiece. Men love collecting and cherishing beautiful watches. For this year, give your dad a sophisticated-looking yet straightforward watch.

Stylish Pair of Loafers:

A perfect touch up for your dad’s sharp look in a suit and tie is a new pair of loafers. Let your dad feel confident and trendy all at once with a new pair of stylish shoes to match his outfit.

Chick Computer-Accessories Bag:

If your dad is often at conferences, give him something that will showcase his profession. An elegant and classy computer-accessories bag would be an excellent idea.

The Prim and Proper Dad:-

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If your dad is very particular with little things, such as maintaining good personal hygiene, then it’s the perfect opportunity to give your dad some grooming must-haves. Pamper him with gifts that he’ll surely appreciate.

Facial products:

Have your father’s skincare routine in check by giving him facial products that moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles. Such products remove dead skin cells to achieve brighter and clearer skin. For dads that sweat a lot in the gym, glycolic facial products are also an excellent choice.

Shaving Kit:

For fathers who are sent on business trips frequently, give them a portable shaving kit to make sure he stays well-groomed on their travels. Shaving cream with a refreshing scent is a great choice as a gift.

Men Fragrance:

A new and classic fragrance that accents your dad’s masculine redolence is a good way to spoil him a little and make him feel like a brand new man.


Finding the right gift for your dad gets harder every year. It takes consideration and research. Aside from choosing a unique and personal gift for your father, make sure to look for something that creates fond memories. You still have a few weeks far away, but you might want to avoid the toxic last-minute scramble. Get ahead of everybody else by obtaining your Father’s Day gift as early as now.