There are countless opinions and misconceptions about alcohol consumption. From wisdom about what can get you drunk enough to falsehoods to how even casual drinking leads to substance abuse, everyone has their own idea about alcohol. If you are a beginner or early drinker, you might be confused with all the opinions coming your way and it may raise a lot of questions. You may wonder how you will be able to get over a hangover and what kind of drink you will enjoy, or even if you should be going to a bar by yourself while you drink. Drinking alcohol and then having a conversation about it is polarizing in itself but there needs to be a better understanding of its impact.

Alcohol consumption can easily be a part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as long as it is monitored and controlled. For adults, a maximum of two drinks per day is considered to be standard and for the most part, this will not have any negative effects on your health. But for those individuals who have an increased dosage, the risk assessment is greater. They are prone to injuries and long term diseases, as well as addiction and forms of substance abuse. So, what do you need to know before you consume alcohol regularly? And can it be a part of your daily life?


Whether you are thinking of taking a whiskey tour or want to go to a bar for the first time, read the following tips and guidelines: 

It Affects Your Immunity 

If you drink regularly, you will be able to notice that your immune system faces the brunt of the consequences. Consuming alcohol on a daily basis will make you susceptible to colds, the flu, and other diseases. This will, in turn, end up weakening your immune system and even cause more infections. So, it is advised that drinking should be kept to a minimum in order to preserve your health.   

Your Body Has Limits 

For those individuals who have only started drinking, there is a limit to how much they can ingest. If you are unaware of the limits of your body, you need to monitor how much you drink and how often it happens. If you are thinking of drinking in social settings, have a friend or family member present to keep an eye on you. Keeping in control of your senses is the best way to drink, have fun and still make it home without any unforeseen circumstances. Thus, understand the limits of your body and only drink as much as you can. 

Have a Pre-Drink Meal 

If you have not eaten before you drink, you are more likely to feel the impact of alcohol. Therefore, it is best that you have a pre-drink meal to slow down your metabolism. Try having a high protein or high fiber meal along with some vegetables and then proceed to drink. Not only will this protect your health but it will also prevent you from getting too drunk.

Skip the Drinking Games 

Binge drinking is harmful and can lead to a number of accidents, alcohol poisoning and dangerous situations where you are unable to take care of yourself. It is best that you skip all drinking games until you are more used to consuming alcohol regularly and it will not have too much of an effect on your senses. If you are at a bar, play pool and dance but skip the shots so that you get home safe. 

Alcohol and Other Drugs 

For those individuals who are on medication, such as anti-depressants or sleeping pills, alcohol should be avoided. The combination of alcohol with other drugs can have side effects like nausea and reducing the effect of the meds you are taking. Thus, caution is advised and if you do need to drink, check with your doctor about your medication first. 

Drinking and Driving 

After heavy drinking, you must avoid driving at all costs. An easy way to do this is to have a designated driver decided before you go out or to a friend’s place to drink. You will be able to drink as much as you like throughout the night and still make it home safe without getting into a road hazard. Plan your night accordingly so that there is no need for you to get behind a wheel. 

Stay Hydrated

You need to make sure you are adequately hydrated before you consume any kind of alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause insulin spikes in your body if you have not consumed enough water. Thus, drink mineral-rich water before you take any form of alcohol into your body and you will thank yourself for it later.


While there is nothing wrong with engaging in social and recreational drinking, it needs to be supervised and controlled. Therefore, before you go on a drinking spree, look over the given guidelines whether you have taken the needed precautions or not. Practicing safe drinking should be mandatory and all sensible adults need to be aware of it.