If you’ve been anywhere near the world of tech in recent years, then you will have come across cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a growing trend that uses blockchain technology to offer people a decentralized network of currency that doesn’t have any overriding governing body. They allow for a quicker, more private, and safer transaction, and because of their growing popularity, they are a lucrative investment too.

Despite cryptocurrency being new in nature, traditional marketing habits still apply to them. For instance, the quality of their logo has a large impact on whether or not investors are keen on purchasing. This article is going to look in more detail at some of the most popular cryptocurrency logos and why they instill faith and authority in the brand.

The Branding of Cryptocurrency

Crypto is a competitive market given there are a range of tokens available for people to buy. There are so many that decentralized networks such as Cosmos have been created which bring independent blockchains together and allow for better connectivity across different coins. More information can be found on Cosmos at https://www.okx.com/learn/what-is-cosmos. Given the competitive nature of the market, exceptional branding is crucial.

With this in mind, it’s surprising that some of the newer forms of cryptocurrency are poorly designed. Many overcomplicate things, trying to explain the nature of their coin with a plethora of images. Other brands go the opposite way, leaning towards a more minimalist approach that doesn’t provide prospective customers with enough information. There are some exceptions that manage to get their logo design right. 

Popular Crypto Logos Explained

There are some crypto logos which are inventive and convey their brand effectively. These are highlighted below along with an explanation as to why they work. Good examples include:

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the world’s first cryptocurrency and remains the world’s most popular form of crypto. Most people have heard of this token and would recognize the logo when they see it. It’s a capital B with two falling strokes seen at the top and the bottom of it. It looks similar to a dollar sign, which despite being a representation of a decentralized currency, is intentional. This is further emphasized given that the B is formatted onto an orange circle, making it look like a coin. Finally, the actual word ‘Bitcoin’ on the logo is clear and visible, but also in italics, so it’s easy to read but appears dynamic.

  • Ripple

Ripple uses blockchain technology as a means to connect banks, payment providers, digital exchanges, and organizations. This is reflected in the connectivity element seen within their logo. There are three dots colored in blue, which connotes safety. These dots are all connected in order create a unique symbol, which is likely a representation of the unique place that it sits on the blockchain. The font used for the word ‘ripple’ is bold and geometric. It has just the right spacing and is the perfect size to stand out and be visible, while also being subtle and not too overwhelming for whoever is looking at it.