Over 19% of Melbourne’s resident population are students between the ages of 17 and 28. If you received your university acceptance letter, you have probably already started planning for your accommodation needs. Purpose-built student accommodations can make your student life much easier. 

These living facilities are designed and constructed to cater to the needs of university students. Therefore, they are usually equipped with all aids and amenities students are likely to need during their University phase. Living in independent apartments or other shared accommodation facilities comes with several hassles. Student accommodation facilities like IGLU offer the perfect balance between convenience and independence.

Balance between Independent Living and Communal Living

Purpose-built student accommodations allow you to interact and socialize with other students of the same university or other universities. The facilities also have rooms and areas that are designed to promote social interaction. The integrated coffee rooms, canteens, and study areas are ideal communal spaces. However, your needs for privacy and independence are also considered by these facilities. 

You may choose between private bedrooms in a shared apartment or choose your studio apartment. Students may use cooking facilities and other amenities that the living space offers. Students have total freedom to walk in and out of the campus as they choose. Therefore, you get to enjoy your independence while also enjoying the benefits of communal living.

Security and Flexibility

Student accommodation facilities offer enhanced safety and security. Besides integrated security features like alarms, CCTV cameras, and fire alarms, these facilities also have full-time security staff. The security staff in these facilities usually keeps track of non-resident visitors and guests who enter the facility.

If you have any security concerns, you may complain to the security manager or the administrator. There are over 35,000 purpose-built student accommodation facilities in Melbourne. 

Accommodation facilities like IGLU offer reliable onsite security and flexibility. University life can be loaded with assignments, lectures, and tests. Living in a supportive environment that offers convenience and flexibility will help ease the stress.

Lower Transportation Costs

Choosing a student accommodation close to the university will help you reduce transportation costs and daily transit times. Facilities that are closest to the university may be more expensive than facilities located in farther-off places. However, you will save considerable time and money by living in purpose-built accommodations near the university. 

You don’t have to rush to get to class on time. You will also have the convenience of dropping into the facility between lectures and classes. You may also check if the facility you choose is close to shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and other facilities in Melbourne. 

Full-Time Support

The purpose-built accommodation facilities have resident administrators, security staff, and managers. The managers and administrative staff also organize regular events and activities to enhance socialization opportunities. Students also have access to after-hours support.

Final Thought

The average rent in Melbourne went up by up to 3% since last year. Living in a student accommodation facility will also help you minimize rent costs. It’s critical to remember that these facilities come with several integrated amenities and conveniences while considering the cost of purpose-built student accommodation facilities.