Retail theft is going to be the manager problem in the United States. With the statistics showing very much in favor of the growing retail theft, it becomes very important to find out measures to solve it.

Statistics about retail theft:

Some of the recent statistics show that only 2.9% of the threat can be recovered by the businesses. This means that for every $1 of fabric award close to $33 is lost due to retail theft. Dishonest employees were one of the major pain points when it came to retail theft in 2020. Trends have shown that retail theft from a single employee is an average of $1200 which is nearly 3% in 2020.

One such incident where the security is breached on a consistent basis is the self-checkout theft. In self-checkout theft, the customers don’t mind paying for less than 50% of the goods purchased. The customers don’t bother scanning the products for their price, instead, they are kept straight into their bags, as they storm out of the shop – A big breach of security.

Scanning a lower-priced item in place of the higher-priced one – The Banana Trick – is another method to trick the smart scanning systems.

Retail theft & the liquor store – a match made in heaven:

All in all, businesses of all sizes in the US are struggling to keep pace with the growing trends of retail theft. Trends have shown how liquor stands as the highest stolen F&B product, even ahead of baby food. Incidents like the theft of $4000/ bottle robbery of the cognac from Massecheuttus liquor store, tell us how badly we need liquor security tags for controlling retail theft. 

Existing security measures to battle retail theft:

Tackling retail theft is a major concern – as the numbers don’t look very promising. Some of the security measures which have been ramped up are as follows:

  • Video surveillance: Protecting the high-value goods are really important, as their theft can hit your balance sheet badly. Though video surveillance is a traditional method of keeping track, yet the improved technology has allowed them to perform actions beyond screen recording. With the help of video analytics, you can ensure that facial recognition helps you in preventing robbery through advanced precautionary steps. Heat detection is another feature that can help you recognize the shoplifters and dial 100 before the mess happens. Suspicious movements are tracked, and any such red alert is directly notified – red flag raised – that results in taking necessary steps to prevent the retail theft. The heat map allows you to take a judicious decision – based on the demographic and the already present database of criminals.
  • RFID tags: If you are selling liquor, this is the best way of keeping a mark of your liquor bottles. All you have to do is stick the RFID tag on the bottle caps. As a particular bottle gets misplaced, you can get the complete data like – bottle number, place of theft, and current position as well. Tracking of the inventory is an added benefit if the retail theft is caused due to employees. RFID tags help in noting down the asset movement, which is an added advantage of using them to protect the retail theft.
  • Permission levels: Setting up user permission is going to be one of the most critical factors that help you in preventing retail theft. What’s interesting to note is that each and every user has a different level within the organization. So based on the level, giving them certain restricted permissions will help you in leveraging not only the technology but also ensuring that you can trust them.

    Search measures are also going to help you in tracking the perpetrator if any. Setting the permission levels in the POS device for the different activities like the editing of data or data entry, is going to be crucial. 

Understanding liquor security tags in detail:

Combating liquor theft is going to be one of the key problems that every liquor shop is facing right now. Liquor tags have always been an option in preventing such theft. They’re pretty simple to use. All you need to do is stick it to the bottle caps and you are ready to go.

Expensive spirits & wine need to be protected against theft and robbery. The liquor security tags can be integrated with the RF technology such that the thieves cannot leave the shops without checking out. Removing liquor security tags is not at all feasible, which makes it an even more secure form of protecting your goods. Some of these caps can be used over & over again – isn’t it awesome?!

Combining the EAS with security tags also ensures to be an exciting option when it comes to protecting your high valued liquor products. You can avail yourself of hard tags and some tags to protect your liquor. You need to have a strategic plan in order to ensure that the products don’t get stolen by shoplifters.

Positioning the EAS system strategically is going to be one of the key criteria that will decide how you tackle such problems. you can position it near the checkout counter where you can grab hold of thieves as they move ahead.

The truth is that you need to keep on changing your strategy effectively. In order to faux pas the robbers, you have to ensure that there is a mix and match of the strategies that help in protecting the bottom line of your firm.

Selecting the right security tag can be quite difficult. Finding out the right vendor means you need to screen through a lot of vendors and which is going to be another headache. One of the key criteria that you should have with selecting a security tag is innovation and technology. You don’t want to have a security tag that can easily be breached by shoplifters.

This is where OMAC liquor security tags come into play. With the rich experience in technologically advanced security tags, catering to numerous industries, you must give them a shot.

Importance of the Physical Boards in deterring shoplifters:

The growing trend of shoplifters in the United States is a state of concern. Using the same boats can be quite a possible solution as well. The signage, which clearly states that shoplifters will be prosecuted heavily should be hanged all across the shop. Moreover, other methods would include keeping 100 as your speed-dial.

It is recommended to keep your shop well lit up. Asking employees to go ahead and have a chat with customers – this way, you can find out if they are a potential danger to your shop. Protecting a theft is always in your hands if handled with a proper strategy. 

 Bottom line:

Theft and shoplifting are important things that every shopkeeper needs to take care of. Mixing technology in the data is going to have a great impact on how you do anything. It’s a small investment that every liquor shop should make to improve the customer satisfaction of your shop. You don’t want it to always be in threat of being attacked by shoplifters. And, this is why you must look forward to having liquor security tags for your liquor shops – preventing the mess from happening, is always a better option. 

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