Millennials (ages 18-33,) are now the largest generation in the workforce.

If you are an employer, there is a good chance a large percentage of your employees are young and cool.

The traditional office space, with its wallpaper and framed photos of sunsets, is no longer appealing to today’s worker. Flexible office spaces, collaborative furniture, and comfortable work areas are just a few of the ways working spaces are changing.

How can you design an office that will impress and inspire a fresh new population of workers? Here are some ideas.

1. A Rolling Workspace

Furniture that can be moved, desks that can be utilized either sitting or standing and small, central meeting areas are just a few of the ways that workspaces are becoming more flexible. Design companies such as the one on this site can give you more layout ideas.

While quiet, soundproofed working spaces should be available for those who need to work alone, employees should get the chance to move around during the workday. It is great for keeping them fit, inspired, and excited about coming to work.

Be sure that desks and tables have spaces for your staff to keep electronics and chargers in drawers. Constant checking can have a negative impact on productivity.

2. Comfortable Furniture

Freestanding units around your office encourage employees to meet quickly to discuss business issues. Power outlets and ample lighting will make these comfortable places to collaborate.

Swivel chairs, ergonomic designs, and low-set tables are just a few of the ways that working areas are changing. New smart furniture now comes with tabletop-embedded touchscreens, Bluetooth-enabled standing desk controllers, and air-charging ports.

3. Cool Artwork

Rather than spending money on expensive pieces, you can save a little on artwork by creating unique, inspiring designs yourself. Download a digital photo and be sure to download an appropriate Creative Commons License first. Send it to a printer for best results.

Make the print your own by embossing a favorite poem, quote, or excerpt from a book over it. Framing can be done inexpensively at box arts and crafts stores. One or two inspiring, brightly colored pieces can anchor your office.

4. Handmade Accessories

Find someone in your workspace who is handy and get them to help you create some modern, unique accessories. Some creatively placed string lights or a door turned into a table can add a real degree of coolness to your space. Consider using accessory-style furniture such as soft walls for partitions or art tables.

Brightly colored branded bubbles on the floor can tell visitors which way to go. They will also help you save a lot of money on a reception area.

5. Use The Right Colors

Soft, bright paint colors will help you to keep your employees motivated and pleasant. Blue helps with productivity, so you may want to choose a lighter shade that will open up your space. Consider teal or a soft shade of gray. 

A soft white can be used to create an elegant, clean appearance no matter what your color scheme is. Light green is great for balance, calm, and reassurance. Yellow is known to help with creativity.

6. Bring In the Outdoors

Bring in a live plant to bring a touch of nature into your office. If you know you won’t keep up with watering, get a fake plant to inspire your staff and help with their creativity. 

You can also bring in natural elements like unpainted wood to boost creativity and increase workplace satisfaction.

7. Make a Break Space

Create opportunities for quick, short breaks that will help lower stress and improve employee health. Consider a standing desk with a water cooler and copier that will get your staff up and stretching their legs.

Be sure to have healthy snacks available such as fruit, nuts, and unsweetened yogurt. It is also important to have coffee and tea ready. An artsy chalkboard is a great way to get them collaborating during break time.

8. Get the Light Right

Bad workplace lighting has been associated with a number of physical and mental elements, including eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and anxiety.

Be sure to keep your office filled with ample light all day long. Lighting controls have been getting more sophisticated, so it is getting easier for employees to control the amount of light in each portion of your office. It is important to light not just your task areas, but the space surrounding them in order to be kind to your employees’ eyes. 

Energy and money-saving lighting options such as T-5 florescent lighting and LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. They also come with controls that will help you save even more electricity.

You can also make good use of natural light by positioning employee desks by windows. This will help to heighten morale and motivation.

9. Declutter

Clutter can make your office feel unfocused and unproductive. Encourage your employees to spend as little as ten minutes each day moving around and putting things away. They can file, organize, and throw out anything that they don’t need.

10. Follow Your Nose

Consider installing a subtle air freshener to keep your staff’s spirits up. Scents like pine can increase alertness, and cinnamon can help to improve focus. Citrus and peppermint can serve to boost everyone’s moods.

Design an Office

The steps to design an office may be easier than you think. With the right layout, comfortable furniture, and cool colors and lighting, your staff will be so thrilled with their workspace that they may not want to go home.

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