Do you feel it’s time for a proper spring clean and ridding yourself of unused items? It may look like the biggest challenge you have ever faced, but it is, in fact, a lot easier than you may expect. A professional junk removal company will be happy to be at your service.

Tricky Attachments

It is not as difficult to get rid of junk in general. The trickiest part is our attachment to all those funky bits and pieces we’ve collected over the years. That porcelain pony was a gift from your aunt once upon a time. But do you really like it? Let’s be honest. You only keep it as a nice memory from someone you once cherished. As such, that part pretty much goes for anything you collect. Depending on by whom or with whom we get a new item, we project a personal value onto it. Some items you like to keep to sell them one day for at least as much as you once paid. Other items that remind you of something negative tend to end up in a dumpster earlier.

Whereas it’s completely fine to keep certain items that mean something to you, you should not treat every item in your home as valuable. Not everything you keep can bring the value you have expected. Therefore, think twice before reserving space for things you don’t use.

Broken memories

Why do you still have that old jumper in your closet? Exactly, you wore it on the first date with your first love. Does it still fit? No. Have moths found a pleasant home in it? Let’s check it out. And while you’re at it, it is rather easy to determine if you can let go of it or not. Once an item has passed its time of being useful, it is probably time to let go of it. Old clothes or shoes that are falling apart definitely fit into this category. At the end of the day, such personal items are nothing but a living memory of times long passed. Certainly, you still have a photo somewhere that shows you wearing those lovely clothes that were so comfy.

However, the same goes with pretty much any other item in your home:

  • A chair with a broken seat
  • A sofa with a broken armrest
  • A broken mirror
  • Other furniture that is on the verge of falling apart

Any item that has lost its functionality is nothing but junk. If you can’t replace parts of it to breathe a new life into the old wood, it’s time to let go. 

Space for new memories

While it’s hard to let go of certain items that you’ve loved and cherished for the better part of your life, you limit yourself for new memories to be made. Life is about changes. Changes are the only constant in our lives. Each object has its lifespan. For some items, the day arrives sooner. Others accompany you for decades until they’ve drawn their last breath. The more you collect and attach artificial value to an object, the more you clog up your home with all sorts of stuff no one needs. Ultimately, you will find no more space for anything new. 

For some items, it is best to be collected by a junk removal and have it properly disposed of. Other items, however, if you truly are quite a lot attached to them, could be upcycled. Take parts of the old and create something new. You could decorate a flower pot with shards of a broken mirror, for example. Just be aware that even that one may break one day and offer no further use.

How to let go in four simple steps

Brace yourself, the time has come to remove your junk. Fortunately, there are few things you can do, to make it a little easier for you:

  • Determine when you used the item the last time. If you haven’t used it for at least six months, it’s time to let it go.
  • Reflect to see if you’d still buy that item today in a shop. If that’s not the case, let it go.
  • Take a picture of it and you can look at it over and over again.
  • Put it into a box along with other items you let go of or onto a pile of junk that will be collected by a junk removal. Set a date for its collection as soon as possible. If everything fits in a little box, take it out as soon as you’re done.

Do not, under any circumstances, let anything you’ve chosen to let go of sit around for an undetermined time. The longer you keep it, the lower are the chances of you committing to your decision. Put everything into the dumpster that can legally go into the dumpster. Set a date for everything else that needs to be dropped off at a junk removal or be collected. Do not have another look through everything to put out. Once it’s in a box or on a pile along with furniture that needs to go, leave it there and pretend it doesn’t exist anymore. Throw a blanket on top of it to make it a little easier not to peek at it again. Letting go of cherished junk involves setting aside the sentimental attachment and seeing the item for what it is: an object.

Letting go pretty much is the hardest challenge which every single one of us has to face in every aspect of our lives – several times. We easily attach to everything and anything as we like to believe it’s going to last forever. In fact, nothing lasts forever. Not a single plate will accompany you until the end of your days. Everything is short-lived: from your favorite mug, your cozy armchair to the best mattress you’ve ever come across. Learn to let go and enjoy that peace of mind!