Undoubtedly, moving is a stressful experience. It is full of chaos, disorder, panic for making the arrangements and packing stuff. Even for the most experienced and organized ones, moving house is a big undertaking. However, it should not be a traumatizing experience for anyone. Even if you have gone through the moving experience before, there will be many things you won’t want to repeat when you think about it again. So, if you plan to make a move soon, here are a few tips for a hassle-free move. 

1. Make a checklist

Before you move, make a checklist of all the tasks and packing that you need to do. This checklist will let you stay on track and eliminate the chance of overlooking any crucial details. It is possible that during the stressful process of making a move, you forget half of the things that you should be doing. Your checklist with dates specified should start at least one month before the actual move. The preferable way to make a checklist is to enlist all the tasks in chronological order. 

2. Search for the mover service

Contacting the mover service is an essential aspect of making a move. They will deliver your stuff to the new house location, therefore, make a choice very carefully. Conduct thorough research and get a quote for moving services from various companies which you find reliable. It is always better to compare the pricing and services of multiple service providers to make the most informed and prudent choice. Invite the moving company you have finalized to your house and let them look at your stuff. Some mover companies also have packages that include transporting and packing the stuff, so you can also hire them for packing. 

3. Start with the least-used room

If you are moving house, you can’t escape the dreadful task of packing. So instead of running from it and leaving it till the last minute, take it heads on. Begin with the room that gets the least amount of usage in the house. For example, if you do not use your studies daily, you can pack them. The same goes for the entertainment room. Either way, start with the areas of the house that you can live without for some days. You can also start packing your art pieces, such as paintings and other decorative stuff. This way, you can pack these delicacies calmly without getting late for other tasks. 

4. Purge your cupboards and closets

Sometimes, when you live in a place, many things start piling up that you might not need. Therefore, there is no better time than to purge these closets and cupboards to get rid of the unnecessary stuff. After all, why would you take the things that you don’t need to your new place? 

Often, what seems useless to you is valuable for someone else. So, a yard sale can be a great way to sell this stuff and make some money. You can invite your neighbors, friends, and other relatives to participate in the yard sale. Or else you can post the picture on your social media pages to attract customers from a larger audience. 

5. Clean your refrigerator a day before moving

On the day of the move, some people mistake cleaning their refrigerator, which is utterly wrong. Instead, defrost and clean your freezer a day before moving. This way, it will have enough time to defrost and leak all the excessive water. Resultantly, your freezer will be lighter and easier to handle as it is completely dry. For food and water, you may take the help of your friends and neighbors. 

6. Pack the liquid stuff separately

There is no other dreadful sight than finding that one of your containers containing liquid burst during the transit. The resultant mess might increase your work, and it is an appalling image to behold. To avoid such problems, make sure to pack all the liquid bottles separately from other things. Packing them together will limit the damage to the bottles or the cardboard only; it is still better than spoiling your beautiful Persian rug. 

7. Organize a moving day kit

The most overlooked aspect of moving a house is not packing a moving day kit. Upon reaching your new home, you are already tired enough. Looking for the most frequently used and essential items may seem like a hassle. Therefore, forward-thinking demands you pack a moving day kit, including all the things that you need. It can include a clean pair of trousers and shirt, keys, charger, teabags, scissors, cutter, etc. This way, you will avoid rummaging through endless boxes or rushing to buy things you don’t need. 

8. Label each box

Upon arrival in the new house, you don’t want to dip from one box to another when looking for a particular item. Therefore, it is better to label the boxes with their destination. You can also label them with the content inside if it is not enticing and does not attract unwanted attention during transit. The label should be large enough that it is easy to read from some distance. Use a permanent black market to label the boxes. You can color code the containers to identify the specific location if your new house has multiple floors. 

9. Include your children in the packing 

The best way to take off some burden of packing and moving is by making it a collective effort. If your kids can help you in the packing, ask them to pack their stuff with proper guidance. It will also be handy during the unpacking process as your kids can unpack and arrange their rooms. Similarly, you can repeat the same exercise for other members of the house too. They can also determine which items are essential and what from their stuff for the yard sale. 


The exhilaration of buying a new house or renting out a new place for career development is also coupled with the stress of moving. Moving a home is not about packing your stuff only; it is synonymous with packing your whole life, so undoubtedly, it can stress you out. However, the tips mentioned above for making a hassle-free move can make this process more organized. Meanwhile, it also relieves you of the undue stress that you have been going through.