How would the world be without information technology, the internet, and digital presence? I mean how boring, traditional, and backward would we be. There are big changes in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to technology.

Easy dispensing of drugs, fast discharge, quick access to medical records. That’s the smooth ride prescribers and pharmacists are in for. In this competitive world, only the best emerge.

Featured below is a detailed review of some of the greatest innovations in the industry. Most of which will affect patient care greatly from ordinary to exemplary. Take a look and see just what new pharmacy technology there is.

Understanding Pharmacy Technology

A phenomenal change is seen in the pharmacy industry where IT has boosted every sector. Doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals can now offer improved health care services to their patients. Leave alone the undivided attention, fast prescription and quick follow-ups on one’s medical history.

The innovation is incredible and has amazing benefits. And just when you think, wow! That’s so great! Something even better is introduced.

Let’s take a look at these pharmacy techs.

1. Pharmacy Management Systems

Many hospitals and medical centers have adopted these systems to aid them in managing patients’ medical records. In conjunction with EHR, electronic health records, this system has allowed professionals to fill in demographic details on their patients.

That’s not all, the functionality of the system allows for medicine use reviews, ordering, and labeling of medication and prescription interventions.

With such a system, there is unilateral sharing of information from physicians to other doctors, pharmacists and patients in general. The ability to manage all the patient information at one go is what is meant by embracing technology.

2. Drug Inventory Management System

Procurement and supply is never an easy task. The process of ordering, inventory, delivery, pricing, payments, and reconciliation is such a dreadful task. With this system, all your troubles are made easy.

The system allows for inventory, either;

  • Perpetual
  • Just in time

You can now eliminate overstocking or understocking, which saves costs and time. This comprehensive system will allow you to satisfy all your patients’ medical needs.

3. Electronic Prescription Service

This new system was adopted in the early 90s in the USA. While the rate of acceptance was low, the government introduced a technology fund in 2013 to help spread the existence of this system. As of now, many hospitals have installed these systems with a spread to the UK.

This has been the perfect addition to the pharmaceutical industry as it has greatly mitigated the occurrence of medical errors. This, in turn, has created a safety net for patients who have been in the past subject to errors.

When you go to shop for prescription drugs, the EP systems can do an automated prescription and administration of your drugs. Unless you have a faulty or lower quality system which is prone to errors.

4. Internet Plus Pharmacy

Imagine the power of the internet. How you can sit back, relax, and order for your drugs. Well, it’s possible. Introducing the online pharmacies that operate via the internet to get you closer to medical facilities and services.

Such pharmacies, though not common, has allowed patients to search for information on their drugs. It will also allow for a communication portal for patients to easily converse with physicians.

5. Electronic Discharge Systems

Similar to the prescription system, the discharge system allows for the enhanced and simpler transfer of medical responsibility from the hospital care to primary home care. There will be no errors in drug transmission and disbursement hence a smooth and seamless process.

6. Robotic Prescription Discharge

Robot dispensers have been used since 2001. Used under logistics of the drugs, these systems have allowed for fast and reliable dispensing of drugs without errors. Due to the nature of the system, there is admirable speed and efficiency in the work as robots are accustomed to working non stop even through large volumes.

These systems have been the least embraced as people prefer human attachments. Being a pharmacist, their main aim is to ensure patients receive their drugs adequately and with the right information. Transferring such responsibilities is harder than it sounds.

7. Minefield of Applications

The smart world works hand in hand with smart technology and the smartphone to have a seamless route of communication. While some hospitals use push on alerts to remind patients on late prescriptions or on a refill, there are also mobile apps that have been used to monitor patients away from the hospital.

There could be readings on the heart rate, blood glucose levels, readings on asthma, and even matters on health education. Such apps can easily be used to embrace and keep track of patients even in the future.

8. Adherence Monitor

This is whereby a monitor is placed on a tablet or the pillbox to keep track of dosage one has been subscribed for. This smart packaging technique includes a microchip that’s been placed on the pack so as to track every pill that’s popped from the box.

There’s also a smart pill, this invasive technology features a sensor pill where once the patient takes his dose, data is automatically transmitted to a mobile device. The data can be the heart rate, number of dosage as per the prescription or other intricate details. This will shape the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

9. Internet Care

Also known as telecare, this is a digital platform used to enhance communication between the patients and pharmacist. Very efficient in remote areas, one can get access to medical assistance or consultation via audio or video transmission.

The pharmacy degree in this technology is nothing like any other. One doesn’t need to attend the hospital physically. This means fewer costs incurred on transport and consultation fee by a healthcare professional.

Embrace the Power of Technology

The internet and technology have played major roles in many industries. From finance, manufacturing, production, agriculture and now a pharmacy. With all these great pharmacy technology benefits, this is only the beginning of better things to come.

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