You may be wondering what a pipe relining company does and how it varies from a traditional plumbing company. This form of company, unsurprisingly, mostly services damaged drains and sewers, though some businesses still install new ones when required, whether to repair broken parts or assist with new construction. Think when a pipe relining company like The Relining Company, may be needed, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Why Use Pipe Relining Service?

A broken or damaged drain had to be dug up and restored with a fresh portion of the pipe in the past. This frequently necessitated the removal of vast areas of existing landscaping, the dismantling of driveways, and the demolition of fences. Access to the required equipment, such as excavators or bobcats, maybe very destructive as well.

The Pipe Relining Company saves you money by eliminating the requirement for expensive excavation and intensive digging while managing your lawns, driveways, and landscaping. All of this is accomplished through a six-step process:

  1. With a high-pressure water jetter, unblock the pipes.
  2. Using a Snaking CCTV Camera, inspect and mark the pipe’s damaged location.
  3. Place the resin-coated packer in the drain and line it up with the damaged spot.
  4. Inflate the packer, pressing the resin against the pipe’s walls.
  5. Remove the packer and allow the resin to harden into a new internal pipe as quickly as possible.
  6. Make sure your new pipe is packed and ready to use by inspecting it again.

Pipes that have been damaged normally need to be relined, which is a service provided by this type of business. Epoxy is commonly used on the inside of pipes because it binds well with most materials and improves both flow and work. This could be necessary to repair pipes that have been affected by tree and plant roots, or in any circumstance where the piping, whether underground or exposed, has cracks and holes. This is a less expensive alternative to removing pipes entirely, and it typically requires very little digging.

Sewers must be washed on a regular basis to avoid blockages, which can be done by a conventional pipe relining company. In most cases, if your sewers have not been properly maintained, resulting in a blockage, you are financially liable for any harm to your property or your neighbor’s property. Debris and sewage from leaking sewers will seep into groundwater, contaminating any yard near your house. It’s normally as simple as having a local sewer and drain specialist inspect each pipe for obstructions. Also, keep in mind that placing flushing baby wipes or grease down the sink, tampons, pads, diapers, or cat litter down the toilet can cause blockages, so avoid doing so.


Tree roots sometimes burst through pipes in search of water, which is something that not every homeowner is aware of. You might try to avoid this problem by keeping trees and plants well-watered, but you may not even notice it until it’s too late. This is why knowing that your nearby pipe relining business will most certainly fix the problem is beneficial. If you believe debris is blocking your property’s lines or you’re attempting to be careful by keeping the pipes open at all times, you can contact a professional to resolve the issue.