If bugs and insects become the steady residents of your house, be sure that you have to face a lot of problems. First of all, you would never keep your house clean and tidy due to their unrestricted movement. Secondly, they can transmit and spread plenty of infectious diseases. So, before bugs and pests make your house as their favorite roaming location, you should take preventive steps to keep your house clean and healthy.

In this post, we will tell you some easy and effective preventive steps that will help you keep your house clean and bug-free.

i) Clean your house regularly:

 Cleanliness is the biggest enemy of household bugs and insects. If you sweep and mop the floors regularly, clean the corners timely, then it will be hard for bugs to enter your house. Specifically, you need to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean because these two areas are the hot favorite among bugs. Often food crumbs and other food particles fall on the floor and stay unnoticed for a long time. Those can actually invite bugs to your house. So, keep your house clean and tidy, do regular sweeping and mopping, and stay away from bugs.

ii) Do not keep dirty dishes for long:

We often keep the dirty dishes on the sink for a long time. Sometimes, we even forget to clean them, Those dirty dishes on the sink are the goldmine for pests and insects. Leave them unwashed for a day or two and you can find lots of bugs roaming over there. If you have this habit of keeping dirty dishes for a long time, then change it now. Wash your dishes right after eating or put them in the dishwasher. This will also help you keep your kitchen clean.

iii) Do not keep stored water:

Bugs like mosquitoes, flies grow rapidly in stagnant water. If you have this habit of keeping one or two buckets of water saved in the bathroom for later use, then do not keep them for a long time or cover them properly. In addition, check your house drainage system regularly to ensure that water passes thoroughly.

iv) Clear your trash regularly:

With more garbage in your house, you can expect more bugs to come in. However, you can follow some simple activities to properly manage your garbage disposal system. Always use a dustbin that has a lid so that you can close it after using it. Rather than keeping one dustbin for the entire house, diversify your dustbin usage. For instance, use one dustbin for kitchen and dining purposes, use one for bathroom trashes, and use one to collect bedroom and drawing room waste. And most importantly, do not forget to clear your garbage daily.

v) Vacuuming:

Food crumbs often get hidden within floor carpets and stay unnoticed for a long time from human attention. However, it does catch bug attention. Floor carpets also act as the primary location for pests for hiding and laying eggs. To avoid all of these possibilities, do regular vacuuming for your carpets.

vi) Call a pest control service:

The above-mentioned preventive steps are not so difficult to abide by. However, you need to embrace those steps as a regular habit for yourself. And if you still think it is becoming very difficult for you to keep your house bug-free, you can always ask for a helping hand. For example, calling a professional pest control service such as Portland termite control. The pest control professionals are highly efficient to wipe out all bugs and insects from your house and make your house bug-free.